Zemia Chata: Crossroad Turn

Zemia Chata: Crossroad Turn

A Chapter by karmic

  Alex looked up at Cast who look like he had seen a ghost. Cast hands were shaking and the voices in his head seemed to get louder.

"I'll be back" Cast shuddered, with a smile; he looked at the axe on the floor and turn his head to the door.

"I can’t let them see me take the axe. I have to leave it here" Cast thought, as he opened the door; he noticed Sara was standing on the other side of the door. Sara was just about to knock.

"Hey, Cast, may I speak to you?" Sara asked, while stepping inside.

"Not right now, please just wait for me to return" Cast said, as he walked out the house.

"Cast wait, don't do anything stupid" Alex called out, but Cast was already out the door.

"I have to follow him. I can’t let him go outside like that. That look in his eyes" Alex said, as he put his sweater on.

"Why? I still don't understand how you know Cast" Dawn grunted.

"We were best friends, until… until my dad killed his because they were on different sides of the war" Alex answered, while opening up the door. "Dawn take care of Joey" he ordered, as he ran out the house. Cast looked up at the sky like he always did. The stars were peaceful but the clouds were restless and angry. So full of envy that they blocked out the star's beauty.

"Sad are we" Lucy chuckled; she had a black dress on with a bag in her hand.

"What are you doing here?" Cast asked.

"I have a gift" Lucy said back, she reached into her bag and took out a sword and a mask.

"Here, this should help. This sword is that of an angel of death. The sword that takes man’s soul after death." Lucy explained, while handing him the sword and mask. The sword had a Zamak handle, with an AISI 440 steel blade. The length of the sword was one hundred and thirty five cm. As of the mask, it was a Shikami mask. The Shikami is known as a demon mask.

"Um, thank you, but don't you think people will wonder why I’ am carrying a sword?" Cast groaned, as he rubbed his hand up and down the blade.

"This blade can hold souls inside of it and use it as power, it can't be seen by humans if it is inside your sheath" Lucy replied. Cast put the black mask on and placed the sheath on his back with the sword in it. "I'll meet you there" Lucy smiled, as she turned into a shadow and slid up the wall.

"That you will" Cast muttered, as he kneeled down and then leaped into the air, he landed on the roof of a house and saw smoke from where the hospital laid. Cast ran on the roof and leaped onto the other until he reached the hospital; he jumped off the roof and landed in the streets.

"Get back boy, there is a war going on here and take off that mask" A Jeramiah soldier commanded, while he shot two bullets at the hospital.

"Why are you shooting, there are innocent people inside of there" Cast barked.

"They are dead now boy, you should get home" The soldier ordered, the other men pointed their guns at Cast.

"I see, you treat warfare as a game" Cast said, pulling his sword out of its sheath.

"Where did that sword come from?" one soldier said to the other, Cast charged them with his sword.


Seven minutes later Alex made it in front of the hospital. The dead soldiers covered the ground.

"What could have one this? Could it have been New Heaven? If so then Cast is in trouble" Alex muttered, as he picked up a soldier's gun, Alex heard footsteps coming from behind him; he turned a pointed his gun.

"Stop wasting time you’re going to miss the show if you stick around here" Sean grinned, as he walked past Alex.

"I know him, but from where" Alex thought, a shadow ran from under Alex and flew off the ground, the shadow turned into Lucy.

"Hello, Sean, I finally found you" Lucy unsheathed her sword. Alex stepped back; but still held his gun towards them.

"Lucy; just the beautiful girl I wanted to see" Sean said smoothly, as he put his hands inside of his pocket.

"Hm, why is that?" Lucy asked, putting her sword behind her neck, gun shots came from inside the hospital and stopped.

"I wanted to tell you that I have control of myself again, please forgive me” Sean bowed

"Control?" Lucy asked with a blank look on her face.

"Yes, my soul is stable again, the rage and hunger has stopped" Sean answered, as he pointed to his chest.

"Your not the first to gain control of them selves, but many people I've been with let they're soul take over and kill them. Welcome back" Lucy replied, as her sword turned into powder in her hands and floated away.

"What should we do with him?" Sean asked, while lifting his head. Lucy turned to see Alex shaking in fear.

"Alex, your Cast friend right? If so you should follow us" Lucy suggested, as she and Sean walked away into the hospital, Alex looked up into the sky and then ran behind them. “You’re one of the biggest pieces to this puzzle” she thought.



  “Where are you Cast” Sara muttered, from Cast’s roof. The cool breeze rubbing against her hair. Dawn then sat down next to Sara and laid back on the roof.

“Dawn? Why are you up here?” Sara asked, while curling up her legs.

“Well it’s a beautiful night, I don’t want to miss this, and also you have not been saying much to me lately” Dawn answered, as she looked at Sara.

“I ‘am sorry” Sara apologized.

“No need to be sorry” Dawn paused, wrapping her arms around her legs and looking up at the sky.

 “You love Cast don’t you?” Dawn asked. Dawn didn’t turn to look at Sara because she remembers how shy Sara is to these types of questions.

“I don’t know. Cast is very kind, but lately he has been distant. I don’t understand why, he is fighting something on his own, and I can’t help him” Sara replied, her hair covered her eyes.



   Cast walked down the hospital’s halls. Cast looked into the rooms and every room was the same, they were all covered in blood.

“Why would they do this here?” Cast muttered, as he took off the mask. Cast looked at the mask and felt sad.

“Even when I’m not wearing this, I still have to put a mask on in front of my love ones. Everything after this is going to change” Cast thought, holding up the mask to his face.

“Mister Cast?” a voice whispered; it came from under the sheets in the laundry basket. Cast pulled the sheets over, it was Nelson.

“Cast what are you doing here?” Nelson asked, while observing the sword in Cast’s hand from the basket. Cast stood quiet; he thought about what to do next. Cast thrusted his sword into Nelson’s chest.

“What are you doing?” Nelson coughed up blood. Cast pulled his sword out of Nelson.

“I really wish you didn’t see me” Cast whispered. Cast then continued walking. Cast saw four New Heaven soldiers posted at the staircase. Cast ran towards them only hate filled his mind. Cast sunk his blade into one and pulled it out. The soldier let out a painful wale, the other three soldiers shoot at Cast, but he blocked it with his sword. Small shards flew off of his sword and hit the other three soldiers in the head. The shards then retuned back to Cast’s sword. Cast continued as he ran up the staircase.



 A shadow stopped in front of the staircase. Alex and Sean fell out of the shadow.

“Where was I just now? Where am’ I now? Alex asked, while standing up to his feet and brushing himself off.

“I see how you and Cast are friends, you both ask a lot of questions” Lucy grunted, as she walked out of the shadow. Alex turned to see Sean poking the dead bodies on the ground.

“What! I’m checking to see if the still have souls” Sean barked.

“Well of course they don’t, Cast soul is getting hungry for souls. Cast is not going to leave anything behind” Lucy said, while rolling her eyes.

“You sure know how to pick the greedy ones” Sean barked, Sean stomach started to growl.

“Cast did this?” Alex asked, as he looked up the staircase.

“Yup, aren’t you proud” Lucy laughed, Lucy then started walking up the steps, the radio next to the dead soldier started to speak.

“Hello, this is Captain William. I’ am on the fifth floor, where are all the guards?” The voice came.

“Father?” Alex said shocked at the voice.

 “So you are here” Lucy mumbled.

“Were leaving already?” Sean asked.

“Yes, will you accompany us Alex” Lucy asked, while holding out her hand. Alex nodded and followed behind them.



  Cast finally reached the hallway where his mother’s room laid, Cast heart began to beat faster as he ran towards it; Cast reached the door and walked in.

“Hello Cast” A man said, the man was holding Cast’s mother hand.

“Will- William!?” Cast stuttered. “Let go of my mother’s hand. Now!” Cast demanded, as he got into a fighting stance, a huge aura surrounded Cast. The windows cracked and shattered.

“You’re just like your father” William smiled, as he walked away from Cast’s mother and sat down in the chair. Cast looked at his mother, she was dead. “So ready to jump into a battle he knows nothing about” he added.

“You did it again! You took someone else away from me” Cast yelled.

“I didn’t kill her, she died peacefully like you’re father. I just told her what really happened the day your father died. The truth.” William explained, as he took his glasses off and wiped them with a napkin, William then smiled.

“What are you talking about the truth?” Cast barked. William stood quiet as he loosened his tie. “What is this truth you were talking about” Cast said, the small crystals on the guard of Cast’s sword started to glow.

“The truth is; I killed you’re father because he was possessed” William replied

“Possessed?” Cast repeated, Cast could remember his father leaving the house with an emotionless face. Cast could never have thought of him being possessed.

“It’s a lie. It can’t be” Cast said, Cast’s sword dropped to the floor.

“It’s true. Your father was possessed by a demon. I was able to kill him only because the demon was not use to a human body” William said. Cast lifted his sword, his tears evaporated before even falling out of his eyes because of the aura that surrounded him.

“Go ahead kill me. You’ll only be working in our favor. Just ask Lucy” William grinned, William bowed down in front of Cast.

“How do you know about Lucy?” Cast asked.

“You will learn soon enough” William replied.

Cast raised his sword and slammed it down onto William; the blood splattered onto Cast face and dripped down. Cast walked out the room and went to the roof; Cast looked out to the city. Cast sat down and watched the people walk around. William’s words replayed furiously in Cast’s head.

“I killed my father’s murderer, but why don’t I feel happy?” Cast thought.


 Alex walked into the room where his father’s dead body laid.

“Dad” Alex muttered, as he looked down at the blood running under his shoe.

“Hm, Cast didn’t take his soul” Sean examined, poking the dead body.

“Leave it Sean. Trust me it’ll be too much for you” Lucy said.

“Aw, I need to get stronger” Sean wined.

“We should leave” Lucy suggested, while putting her hand on Alex shoulder.

“Why?” Sean asked.

“Cast is about to destroy this place” Lucy responded looking out the window.

“Alex, do you still wish to help Cast?” Lucy asked. Alex looked down at his decapitated father.

“Yes” Alex muttered.

“Then join us, help Cast” Lucy replied, as all three of them turned into a shadow and flew out the window.


Cast raised his sword up to the moon and jumped off the building, Cast then jammed his sword into the hospital as he fell; the sword started breaking the hospital apart. The pieces of brick flew of the building and his Cast in the arm, but he didn’t flinch.

Cast landed on his feet and started walking home, the hospital slowly collapsed behind him.   



 Cast walked down the street; only chills filled the air.

“What’s done is done” Cast muttered to himself, Cast kicked a rock into the road that continued on to his house.

“I’m ok” Cast again muttered to himself.

“No you’re not. Why lie to yourself?” The voice inside came.

“I’m not lying” Cast barked.

“I know who you are. Who you truly are” The voice came again; Cast lifted his sword to his face and looked at his refection.

“A lie? That’s what my life is now, but a lie? My father was possessed and William somehow knew about Lucy” Cast thought; he twisted the sword around in his hand.

“Yes, since I’ am apart of you I guess I too am a lie” The voice laughed.

“What is your name?” Cast asked.

“My name? Call me origin” The voice answered.

“Origin? Hm, why that name” Cast asked, Cast’s footsteps echoed off the hallow concrete.

“I’ am where you’re hate originated, the parts of you’re soul that was tainted with the venom of reality. The part that you and Lucy fed” Origin replied.

“So are you also my enemy?” Cast asked, as he arrived in front of his house, he then put his sword into its sheath and wiped the blood off of his face.

“I don’t know yet” Origin said, as Cast opened the door, Cast entered to see Sara and Dawn waiting for him on the couch.

“Where have you been” Sara asked, while hugging him, she felt a wave of bitterness surround her as she held onto Cast.

“I’ am- I’ am sorry that I worried you two, I stepped out for some fresh air” Cast explained with a smile, Sara stepped back away from Cast; she then looked into his eyes.

“Is he lying to me?” Sara thought.

“I’m sorry Sara. I’m not the best liar” Cast thought.

“Where is Alex?” Dawn asked; she looked at the open door behind Cast.

“How should I know” Cast shrugged, while closing the door behind him, Cast turned to see the picture on the wall of his mother.

“She is but a memory now” Origin said.

“I know. It feels like I can’t protect anyone” Cast thought, as he turned to Sara and Dawn.

“Alex followed behind you when you left” Dawn said.

“He what!” Cast thought.

“Well I’m sure he is fine” Cast responded quickly.

“I hope so” Dawn said sadly

“Where is Joey?” Cast asked, as he walked towards Joey’s bedroom.

“Don’t worry; he went to bed” Sara answered while walking behind him. Cast cracked the bedroom door open so he could see if Joey was alright, Cast saw that Joey was unharmed.

“You’re all I have left” Cast muttered; he let out a sigh as he walked away.

“I have to go” Sara said, while looking at the clock, Sara then looked at Cast.

“It’s kind of dark so um” Sara paused.

“Would you like me to walk you home?” Cast asked, while walking to the door and opening it.

“Yes, thank you” Sara said excitedly; as she walked out the door with Cast behind her.

“Cast were you lying to me back there?” Sara asked, as she walked ahead of him and spun around and started walking backwards.

“No, of course not” Cast said back.

“When was the last time we talked Cast, can you remember?” Sara asked, as she grabbed his arm and leaned on his shoulder.

“I believe earlier today” Cast laughed.

“You know I mean” Sara barked; she then tightened her grip on his arm.

“I don’t know” Cast admitted, as he looked down into her blue eyes, all the voices inside of Cast head stopped. Cast could hear the ocean without his thought tainting the sound.

“Cast?” Sara said, while looking up at Cast who was a little taller then her.

“Yes” Cast replied.

“Why did you ask me to save you?” Sara asked, as they both stopped at Sara front door, Cast face turned a little pale.

“What do I say to her” Cast thought.

“Well?” Sara said waiting for the answer.

“Well, um, I felt like I was going to faint so a asked you to save me before… I faint” Cast paused, Cast saw the tears filling in Sara’s eyes.

“Oh, that’s it” Sara whimpered slightly, while turning her head to her door.

“Yea” Cast mumbled, while putting his head down.

“Ok, bye then” Sara sadly said; Sara was about to walk away but Cast grabbed her arm; Cast face was still looking at the ground.

“Cast?” Sara sniffled. Cast then lifted his head and pulled her closer to him; his face was peaceful. Cast then pressed his lips again Sara’s. Sara closed her eyes, she was able to feel his pain, and she felt as if she was part of him.

“Thank you Cast for letting me in” Sara thought, as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

“If you would have let her leave then she would not be in this war, you just forced her into the upcoming battles. You let her get closer” Origin said.

“I know” Cast thought.    



Sara removed her lips from his as she moved back; Sara smiled at Cast and walk into her house. Cast turned and started walking back home, the voices rushed back into his head.

 Cast reached his house and saw that his bedroom lights were out.

“Hm, Dawn must have gone to bed” Cast muttered, as he walked into his house,

Cast laid down onto his couch. Memories flew through his head like a movie.

“Mother, Father, Suzie, I lost you all, what do I gain?” Cast asked himself. “Hah. What do I gain? What a selfish thought” he whispered, as he fell asleep.

“You just gain more pain” Origin whispered.


The sun rose and shined threw Cast windows, Cast then awoke.

“I hope today is better” Cast thought, while looking at his sword’s sheath. Cast got off the couch and made his way to his mother’s bedroom. Cast opened the door and walked in.

“What are you doing here” Cast barked. Lucy sat up in Cast’s mother’s bed.

“Hm, oh, sorry I was tired” Lucy yawned, rubbing her eyes.

“Why are you in my mother’s bed?” Cast barked, while trying to push her out, Lucy grabbed his arm and flipped him over onto the floor.

“Hey, what was up with you and that girl” Lucy asked; getting up from bed and stretching.

“So are you spying on me now and why do you ask? Are you jealous?” Cast grunted, while rubbing his head.

“Jealous? Hah you think because you got one kiss from me that I’d fall for you like that. I’m just saying you’re getting too attached” Lucy explained, while sitting down next to him on the floor.

“Hm, Origin seems to think the same thing” Cast replied.

“Origin?” Lucy asked.

“Yea, the dark part of my soul” Cast added. “Why is there something wrong?” Cast asked, observing the look on Lucy’s face.

“It’s just that no one I ever met actually talked to they’re souls nor know their names” Lucy blinked.

“I’m the first?” Cast said.

“Yup, now leave the room so I can get changed” Lucy said, while pushing Cast out the room and closing the door behind him.

“Hey this is my house” Cast yelled out, as he knocked on the door.

“Big brother? Who are you talking to?” Joey asked. Cast turned and looked at Joey.

“Hey Joey, I’m just keeping all the evil sprits out of the house” Cast chuckled nervously; not even believing his own lie.

“Sprites?” Joey asked, while looking at the door.

“Yup, just making sure they stay away from you” Cast said back.

“How stupid do you think I’ am?” Joey asked. Joey heard a noise come from the room. “Is mother home?” Joey continued.

“Joey, Mother is gone” Cast said sadly.

“Gone, mother is gone. Why didn’t you protect her” Joey said angrily. Cast walked past Joey and sat on the couch.

“Is that all you can do. Just turn you back and ignore it” Joey barked, Joey then started coughing.

“There is nothing to do. Nothing to say, you can’t bring people back to life Joey, not even if justice is a stake” Cast said, while burying his head into his hands.

“That’s all?” Joey cried out; Joey was stunned that Cast was not even trying to soften the blow.

“Yes, that’s all just deal with it Joey” Cast yelled. Joey then stepped back and looked at what his brother had become. Lucy peeked through the door to see what was going on. Lucy caught sight of Joey and almost choked.

“It can’t be” Lucy thought. Joey ran into his room and closed his door behind him. Cast got up off the couch an approached the door.

“Cast” Dawn called out from behind him.

“What!” Cast barked, but then lowered his voice. “What” Cast said again.

“Nothing” Dawn said; Dawn then walked towards Joey room to see if he was alright. Cast looked at the picture of his mother on the wall, Cast then picked it up and threw it. Cast walked out door, the sun rays burned his eyes.

“What is happing to me? Why do I feel so angry?” Cast thought.

“It’s because I’ am taking over” Origin said. Cast felt a sharp pain in his head.

“I won’t let you” Cast yelled, while wrapping his arms around his head.

“You don’t have much of a choice” Origin said back.


© 2010 karmic

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Damn Cast dont lose control and I don't like how Lucy is looking at Joey. that broad is up to something

Posted 14 Years Ago

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