Zemia Chata Flashback: Arken Religion and DT.

Zemia Chata Flashback: Arken Religion and DT.

A Chapter by karmic

Short Chapter.


Flashback: Arken Religion.


In the year 2000 a prophet was born from heaven; his name was Malic. Malic was born a man and had no memory of where he had came from. Malic found that he could see the future; he saw the down fall of god and spoke of it to humans. Malic believed he could change the world and heaven it self by using his power to support god. Malic grouped together a cult called the Arken. Malic created a way to spread his power among most of his loyal follows. They were called the Avex. After the day of devil tears; the angels that were to betray god found out about Malic and imprisoned him in an underwater chamber. The angels knew that Malic was not just a prophet, but a fallen arch angel. Malic’s true power matched up to all three of Lucifer’s children. Malic is still waiting underwater for his chance for revenge.  




Flashback: DT


Rain buried the ground in a huge flood. The earth it self was covered by a huge cloud bringing only darkness to it. The sky gave a look of sadness and anger. This is April 9th, 2017, the Day of Devil’s Tears.

“Stay inside!” Charley sternly said to his wife and children as he slowly put his jacket on.

“What are you going to do?” Margret asked. She jumped from the sound of thunder.

“I don’t know” Charley answered back; he opened the door and an enormous wind entered the house. Charley observed the outside for a while; he felt a burning stare coming from behind him. Charley turned and lifted his eyebrow; he saw his eight year old son Cast watching him with a worried expression.

“Hah don’t give me that face” Charley sighed while rubbing his eyes. “Everything will be alright” he added. Charley walked out the house and entered the storm.

“So…. it’s time?” Lucy appeared behind Charley.

“Yea” Charley let out a cough.

“Please try not to push yourself too hard. That tainted soul inside of you is taking a toll on your body” Lucy pled.

“I won’t” Charley assured, as he began walking. Lucy looked at the house.

“I feel something else other then Suzie’s power. It’s probably nothing” she thought. Charley walked down the flooded streets; he watched as men and women scurried into their homes. He slowly lifted up into the air; his eyes turned grey. Charley floated into the sky. A huge barrier appeared over the city, the shield blocked the water from the city. Charley looked down and saw the people trapped outside the barrier. The water soon surrounded them and drowned them. In the distance Charley could see a small light. He smiled and whispered “William”.

 “Let me out!” a faint voice yelled.

“Shut up!” Charley shouted; his barrier began to weaken. A lighting strike struck Charley in the chest; he threw up blood.

“I can’t give in” Charley thought, blood dripping from his lips. Lighting struck him again; he let out a fearful yell. Charley fell down to earth; his fingers trembled from pain, but the barrier stood up. Charley turned to his left to see Lucy holding Suzie in her arms.

“This is the first time I held her” Lucy whispered. Lucy held up the shield; she looked down at Suzie who was unconscious. Lucy then looked back up at Charley and smiled.

“I told you not to push yourself” she grinned.



© 2010 karmic

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wow mad short lol

Posted 12 Years Ago

This is a very short chapter compared to the usual haha. I'm wondering how this affected the present.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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