Silent Hill

Silent Hill

A Story by Lilypad

In My Restless Dreams I See That Place, Silent Hill.


    “Every day I hear the same story, I see the same face tell me the same thing. Every day the same thing gets told to me over and over again, endlessly repeating itself on a constant loop. It never goes away, I always hear it over and over and over and over again.” Despair took over his voice like it always does when he lays on the couch. He looks up at the slow moving ceiling fan and the same emotions trigger in his brain like a never ending CD that was scratched by mistake. “James, who tells you these things and where do you hear it? You need to tell me everything, I am here to help but not to solve puzzles. Be more specific and talk to me in details. I can only do so much” He sat up from the leather couch and turned to find the doctor's face. Once he looked into his eyes, collected his thoughts, and chose his words carefully he spoke with the same despair as before. “She tells me it every day in many ways. She gets creative of course, she was always creative I have to give that to her. She tells me the same lines in my dreams. She tells me the same lines through the phone. She tells me the same lines when I look at the mirror. She tells me the same lines through a letter or an email. Whatever way she does it she always tells me the same thing, every single day.” The doctor looked puzzled and felt a bit hot on his forehead, “I don’t understand who is She? Is she a stalker or a lover, what relationship do you have with her?” James measured the frequency of his voice but took a moment before he answered, “She is my dead wife.” The doctor felt the pain James felt when he opened his mouth, so he said the next questions with chosen words and caring sympathy. “Well James, I’m going to let you choose here. You can either tell me what she tells you or we can talk about her death. Either one can be the cause of your distress since your brain�"“

    “In my restless dreams I see that place, Silent Hill. It calls you, echoes your name, the hills whisper “James come back”. You are not finished here, return to me, finish what you started let it stop before it burns. An empty casket gave you a letter, and so you come here with a withering questions. I left someone here, but that was ages ago. Do you feel the dense air pressed on your shoulders, a bright-less light dim in the horizon, a clank echoing each step? Watch the hills for they have eyes, but you have lies crawling in your mind, endlessly running and twirling with doubt and fear. What really happened here, in Silent Hill?

    Mirroring demons follow you in the night. Oh look, how lovely they have my eyes, they have my lips right down to my hips. Who chases you? I don’t know, maybe the ghost of a corpse? Let me tell you what happened, I will remind you once more of what occurred here many moons ago. There’s a growing truth dug deep in these hills but you choose to ignore, yet the guilt echoes and lingers in the air filling up the dark corners inside your brain. But my illness took over, so we couldn’t grow old, yet I told you to leave and remember who I was, not what I’ve become. Go along and let me go, but you never disappeared, why are you here, why watch me rot? Just let me leave. Smother me in my sleep like you once did. Let it soak in that you murdered me here, in Silent Hill.”

    The doctor was in awe. He closed his notebook, uncrossed his legs, picked himself up from his chair, and left. James was left alone in the middle of the gloomy room right where he started.

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Added on September 24, 2015
Last Updated on September 27, 2015
Tags: Death, Love, Mystery, Murder, Fantasy




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