A Poem by katnisscat

She was glass.
All day she walked through the halls,
But no one saw her. 
I might not have noticed unless
The light hit off her at that one moment,
Blinding me. 
She was beautiful.
And I had to get to know her. 
Of course she was magnificent in every way. 
She showed me what she was hiding, 
Ans she became a window outside my world,
And into theirs. 
The trouble and the abused. 
The beaten kids and the broken lovers.
She showed me a place I never knew existed
all around me.
But she wouldn't let me in.
She was my window, but my barrier too. 
She couldn't risk me because 
I had a promising life,
But she was nothing anyone would ever remember.
This cut me.
It burned a wound so deep in my heart
That the only thing I could do to stop the bleeding
Was to put my head down and run.
I sprinted away from her because she couldn't keep me dangling on the edge. 
Either bring me in or leave me be!
I smashed and shattered her then. 
I know this now.
She was fragile to begin with,
But I was cruel.
I didn't smile at her in the halls anymore.
Didn't look at her at all.
And when she left one day and never came back,
I shattered too.
The difference is that I am still here.
I had people to put me back together again even though
There are pieces that are still missing.
But I wasn't the only one who could solve the puzzle she was.
She broke into big chunks.
Anyone who bothered to look
Could have made her whole.
But I didn't look.
And no one else did either.

© 2014 katnisscat

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what I'm seeing is that all of these line are part of something big . bigger. maybe I'm messing with myself.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Such a beautiful piece of poetry a pleasure to read :) Great work!

Posted 8 Years Ago

This poem is so beautiful it gives light to the fragile, it gives hope and comfort to the brittle. It is the transparency required to cope and move on. Excellent writing, you tell a story of poignant regret and a message of learning how to fix situations before they turn into mistakes that you cannot unfix because it's to late. I like the impact that this poem had on me and i'm certain it will impact many others, emotionally.

Posted 8 Years Ago

That is both beautiful and terribly sad. Your descriptions at the beginning are just lovely but at the end...well that was tragic. This is a well written and a very good story/poem.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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