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A Story by levi kaus

just started this. This is the very beginning. It starts out as a dream.


Ahzi rushed through the moonlit forest his cloak whipping behind him. He felt a compelling urge to keep moving north, almost as if being magnetically pulled. Trees towered above him with massive canopy’s looming overhead. Minimal light got through to the forest floor but the little light that did manage to bleed through was sufficient. The forest was wet with dew and it let off a almost sweet, earthy aroma.

He soon reach a misty clearing with a grass field. The grass shimmered with a combination of moonlight and dew. It was a beautiful sight to see. His eyes are drawn to the far side of the clearing. Through the mist on the other side a sheer cliff rose at least 300 feet. In the face of the cliff an extremely large cave opening gaped the rock wall. His urge to rush north doubles and he starts striding in the direction of the cave. In no time he is upon it and scurrying inside under the cover of the cave ceiling. Once inside the cave seemed to descend into darkness. Recalling a simple light spell should be simple enough. Ahzi held his hands forward and whispered “lumos”. Light began to swirl like a vortex from his palms. It was plenty to illuminate the path ahead that seemed to spiral downwards. It didn’t seem like a path meant for humans as it was very rocky with some fairly large boulders. Nonetheless he pushed onward.

After some persistence the end finally presented itself. The path opened up into a remarkably enormous cavern. Crystals lined the walls that seemed to glow a purple light. There was a haze in the air that he instantly recognized as magic. It seemed to dance and swirl around as if it had a life of its own. It permeated the air. 

© 2014 levi kaus

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levi kaus
please critique.

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Added on November 11, 2014
Last Updated on November 11, 2014
Tags: death, 3d, art, demon, brown, black, Flowing, Delicate, Simple, Bold, Thick, Thin, Subtle, Contrasting, Muted, Dramatic, Rough, Fine, Smooth, Coarse, Uneven, Organic, Curvaceous, Geometric, Angular, E


levi kaus
levi kaus

wasilla, AK

I joined this site in hopes of getting a little advice about a novel i just started writing. I am a new writer and would gladly appreciate some advice. more..