A Story by Kawaii_Mafin

A woman undergoes the harsh reality of life by drinking until she's meets an old lady who shows the brighter side of life.


She stood in the mirror and examined herself thorough, “ I really can’t get pass this,” she pressed her finger and dragged down as if taking off something unwelcomed. Looks like it’s not coming off, damnit. She poked at the mole rigorously trying to disremember it from her complexion. After several minutes of her daily routine she finally gave in.

She glanced over at the alcohol that was stationed by the tube. “Hello friend,” she grabbed the whisky bottle and chugged it down until she couldn’t bare the sensation. “Aww, good ol’ OJ,” she wiped her mouth and stumbled out the bathroom onto the hallway’s floor. “Oopsie,” she laughed.

She crawled her way to the bedroom and pulled herself up with the surrounding objects. She opened her closet pulled out a pair of half cleaned denim jeans, a graphic t-shirt that read I hate myself and pair of old boots that her father had gave her. She plopped on the bed and began her process of getting ready for work.

She was a recruiter at and an ad agency. She spent half her life there and now she felt that it was timed wasted. At thirty-five, she had no children, no husband, no real accomplishments of life. She gave up on herself and now she gave up on life.

“Ouch!” she snagged. “I hate this hair it never does right,” she pulled and yanked until it was tight enough where her eyebrows lifted from her face. “Perfect,” she smiled, grabbed her keys and headed out the door.

“Hello, Ms. Lightway,” a nearby neighbor called out.

She squinted her eyes. Damn nosey neighbors.  She staggered in her car and started the engine. While adjusting the rearview window she noticed the neighbor on the phone. “Not again,” she shifted gears and sped down the street.

Five minutes from her destination she spots red and blue flashing lights in the r mirror. “ You got to be kidding, again,” She pulled over and waited until the officer approached her.

“Hello again Ms. Lightway. What is this, your fifth time this month,” the officer bent over in her window and gestured her to get out.

“Come on Luther, you know my name is Jesse and that b***h is always calling the police on me,” she stumbled out bumping Luther in the process.

“Not true, she’s concerned and besides she only calls me. If it was any other officer you be in jail,” he walked to his car and came back with a Breathalyzer. “Blow.”

“Fine,” she took a deep breath and blew.

Luther stepped back and shook his head, “your off the radar! How much did you drink today?”

She laughed, grabbed onto him and blew meticulously in his face. “Only a little more than half,’ she stumbled and in attempt to composure herself.

“That’s way over the limit,” he reached out grabbed her limp body as she headed towards the ground. “Jess, you need help.”

“What I need is another bottle of vodka, luckily I have some at work. Excuse me,” she brushed Luther to the side and reached for her car door. “What are you doing?”

“I’m sorry but this time I’m going to have to take you in,” he gripped her hand pulled it to her back and handcuffed her. “I’m truly sorry.”

“Whatever pig,” she turned and spit in his face.

Luther was shocked. He forced her to the hot pavement. “I can’t believe you.”

She lay motionless and watched as cars passed by. Just my luck.

At the precinct she sat with three other ladies that were waiting for lockdown.

“Hey,” an older lady in her mid fifty’s sat on the opposite end watched as Jesse was forced to sit, “so what you in here for?”

Jesse looked at the lady and rolled her eyes. “Not in here for prostitution,” she smiled and gave the old lady a wink.

“Look honey, I know your kind,” the lady crossed her legs and yanked out a cigarette.

“Do you?” another nosey person!

“Yes, my sister was just like you, throwing away life,” the old lady rose from her seat and stood before Jesse.

Jesse peered into the woman’s eyes. She didn’t know why but she felt like she had to know what the lady was going to say.

“You have no kids and no man?” the lady lit the cigarette and took a deep breath. “Am I right and you spend most of your life drinking?”

How did she know? Jesse was stunned and more over frightened.

“You don’t to have say anything, I already know,” the lady dropped the cigarette and stepped on it.

Jesse watched as the lady stood in silence and watched her shake her head continually. 


“Honey,” the old lady grabbed Jesse’s hand and smiled. “I don’t want to see another smart girl wasting their life away,” she hugged Jesse tightly. “You feel inadequate, like you don’t belong. That’s how my sister felt…that’s what drove her to the grave.”

Jesse mouth dropped. She was stunned, overwhelmed by the old lady’s words. “But tha--”

“It’s not you?”  She stood and smiled. “It took my sister ten years before she died and the path you’re going was the path she took.”

“I don’t know what to value,” Jesse placed her head to the side and tears flowed.

“There’s a way, your life is valuable, the people who cares are valuable,” the lady turned pointed towards Luther who was posted by the desk.

“Jesse,” Luther said.

“Make it count, you’re not inadequate. Just lost,” the old lady smiled.

“Thank you,” Jesse smiled back at the lady and headed towards Luther. As she walked to get booked the old lady presence left her feeling renewed.

“This way,” he gestured to a small room. “Give me a moment.”

Jesse smiled and sat at the small desk.

The old lady walked up to Luther and grinned.

“Did it work?” he asked

“Every time,” she smirked.

 Luther smiled, “nice job chief.” 

© 2013 Kawaii_Mafin

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Added on March 14, 2013
Last Updated on March 14, 2013
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Hello, I am 23 years old and have been writing for quite some time now. Just like many writers, writing has been the outlet to my emotions and how I view life. My passion is fiction. I love seeing my .. more..

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