How to become confident in yourself (The funny way)

How to become confident in yourself (The funny way)

A Story by Kay/Hayden

Learn 5 basic ways to become confident in yourself

Think of all the things you hate about yourself. For me, this is my body image. Now, grab a piece of paper (or a nakpin I really dont care) and write down the things you hate about yourself. Finally, go to Home Depot and buy a $50 shredder, come home and set it up and shred that paper. OR if you are too lazy like me just rip it up the old school way. SImple as that right? I wish, this is only the first step. Below are some steps you can do easily to regain self confidence.
1: Visualize yourself as what you want to be. If you want to, draw what you want to be. (As long as you are a good artist unlike me) If you are a bad artist though, you can show this to your friends and give them nightmares!
2:Buy clothes that make you feel beautiful. For me, I love to wear leggings. Tell your spouse a random author told you to buy a $10,000 gucci bag and they need to give you their paycheck. #Howtogetadivorce101
3:Care for yourself. Thats right bust out the bath bombs ladies and the shavers men. Make your family hate you for hogging the bathroom for an hour! It all worth it for inner-confidence!
4: I am about to tell you to loose all sanity and be crazy. Talk to yourself. Tell yourself the things you love about yourself.
5: Go spend $800 dollars to start a new garden. Or if you live in Alaska, try sewing. In other words, find a hobby you are amazing at! If you know you are good at something, it gives you confidence in that field
Finally, embrace your inner-beauty and be kind. The most basic advice ever. 

© 2020 Kay/Hayden

Author's Note

A random how-to I whipped up in 20 mins.

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Becuz of your title, I'm reading this as a spoof on what you really mean to say about this topic. Lots of people tell a completely unrelated story to make a different kind of point, coming at a lesson using a offbeat angle, which you've done well here. I must say, however, I am not smiling when I read your suggestions to splurge with money. This makes your fun write into a downer for those of us who do not have any extra money to spend making ourselves feel better. Lack of money is the number one reason lots of people feel worthless, especially in these times of unemployment or underemployment due to covid. It would be good to write a prescription that anyone could fill, regardless of their monetary means.

If I were writing my own prescription for making oneself feel better about oneself, I would simply say: pursue what you're good at single-mindedly, without paying attention to those who will try to drag you down due to their own petty jealousies. Being one's true authentic self & spending energy on what one does best -- these are my prescriptions for solid self-esteem. But I applaud you for being nonsensical & playful, which I also like to do & then people don't always catch my more serious embedded ideas! It's a risk we take when we write in a flippant way (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

Posted 4 Weeks Ago


4 Weeks Ago

c: Thanks for your prespectives and support. Yes, it defiently is a risk to take as some people can .. read more

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Hi! I am a 13-year-old aspiring author who is a proud nonbinary! I go by Kay or Hayden (Your choice). I support all people and am always here for you! Love yourself kiddos! more..

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