The Destruction

The Destruction

A Story by Kay/Hayden

The destruction came on a normal day in Pompeii


The Great Volcano


  The ground Rumbleddd. One ordinary day in the city of Pompeii everything was so normal. The shops were opening, the villagers were heading to the well for their water, and the bakers were breaking loafs of bread. A second later it all happened. The ground started rumbling, the villagers tumbled and falled. As everyone looked up at Mount Vesuvius, their mouths dangeled open for a whole half and hour. Then when they started seeing smoke, they ran away as fast as possible. About 20,000 people died during this explosion. But 17 year old Camilla and her 4 year old sis, Cecillia, did survive but thrive. They ran without a second thought, knowing if they stopped for just a moment they would die.

Chapter 1: The loafs of bread with a couple crumbs

Camilla and Cecilia were off for dinner for their family. They went to the well for the water, when they started to carry the buckets back the ground shaked. Camilla took the water from Cecillia and balanced it. “Let’s go get the bread, Cecillia” As they walked over to the oven, they waited for 4 hours. When it was their turn they put the coal in and heated up the bread. They slowly took the bread out, and then wrapped it with cloth. When they started to head 20 miles back to the garden house, the ground rumbled and knocked barrels over and people toppled to the ground. Quickly Camilla grabbed Cecillia and kept her up balance. They both cried begging for mercy. Some of the water had spilled, but they were not going back. 5 minutes later the shaking stopped and everyone was back to normal. They walked back home holding each other's hands. When they got to the garden house they laid down the bread and re-wrapped the cloth and then put the water buckets down. Then they washed their stola’s and then washed their tunic’s. As they ran off to the Roman Theater Camilla and Cecillia we're excited, they were going to see their favorite part, The Comedy. After they went to the theater they went back to the home. They went and put on their fine jewelry and their slaves helped do their hair.  They quickly went out to the dining room. Camilla sat Cecillia in her chair and then Camilla went to lay down on the slumped couch with the adults. The grain bread was served and they gulped down the water given. Camilla and Cecillia ran off to the Thermae (Roman Baths) and took a bath in their private Thermae. As they went back inside a slave dried them off and re-did their hair. They went into their stone bed and went off to bed.

Chapter 2: Our Home

Our fountains glittered with steam and our gardens buzzed with excitement. The orange and white paint gave an optimistic feeling when you took a glimpse at it. The sun that came in and glittered shone above Minerva and Athena. It gave as much quality as the brave honorful Roman gods. The public bath was always loud and so was the township house, that’s why we live far away from those buildings. The peace and quiet , with the birds chirping, was what us important Roman citizens enjoyed. Are father, Titus. Titus was the religious leader of the church. Faluan was Titus’s first wife. Ti-Ti was Titus's second wife. Faluan was a wealthy woman that came from an important Warrior. On the other hand, Ti-Ti came from a poor family that worked and got paid 1 cent every week. Ti-Ti acted like a Roman god when she married Titus. Our home expanded much since the last Titus got married. We added 7 stone beds, 3 fountains, 2 private baths, and even a toilet! Cecillia and I wanted some sparkling gardens and a library with lot’s of the ancient Roman numbers. Having libraries meant you were very rich, we wanted a library! The new day had started and tomorrow there was a chariot race and a House Dinner with Avroid. Avroid was a rich man who wanted to show off all of his great books and fountains at his house. Camilla and Cecillia rushed off to the chariot race. As Titus found a front-row seat for him, Camilla and Cecillia found third-row seats and ate some soup of lentils and drank some calda (Wine with added warm water and spices). As the chariot ended Camilla and Cecillia rushed off to the Dinner Party. Cecillia quickly sat herself in the stone chairs whilst Camilla laid on a silk linen slumping couch with the other most mature important Roman Citizens. Camilla stared at the gorgeous fountains. As the Calda was given with the Salted Fish, she ate like a god.  She was famished after all the running she had done. After everyone ate and talked, the kids ran outside. The boys played a game of wrestling and the girls played with rag dolls. “Camilla, I’m going to play Sling And Cling Shots! 5 hours later all the citizens left and headed back to their home. 

Chapter 3: ERUPTION!!!!

The day was August 24, 79 AD. The ground was shaking the worst today, barrels rolled. While shops opened Camilla and Cemillie got dressed and then tumbled over. Life started to change. After everything went normal, ashes filled the air. Camilla and Cemillie cried and started to worry. “ Cemillie, there is only one thing to do. There is a boat traveling to the other side. We have to get on. How much money do you have? I have 50 cents.” “I have 30 Camilla.” “Okay let’s go and hurry Cemillie!  We have to leave everything. Come on!” Camilla and Cemillie scrambled to the boat. There was a huge line scrambling and shouting. They called 2 last people. As the last 2 people got on the boat, Camilla and Cemille screamed. But then they realized they had 1 more seat. Camilla told the guy that Cemillie would sit on her lap. The guy allowed it and the two girls ran in, paid someone, and then after them came the guy and a loud distance of crying and screaming people. Camilla and Cemillie were still terrified. They did not know where Titus was. As the boat sped away Camilla and Cemillie looked at the mountain explode with lava. They watched as slaves and citizens ran away crying and buried in ash. 5 hours later the boat was on the other side of Naples. Everyone looked as their homes and city’s were covered in ashes. Everyone was starving. Camilla remembered she had half a loaf of bread left. She ate a small piece and gave a small piece to Cemillie. They were not wealthy kids anymore, they were poor beggars. They loaned for their town noises and all the luxury baths. Camilla and Cemillie heard a rather familiar voice. “Camilla, is that Titus’s voice?” “I think it is!” The two devastated girls who were sure they lost everything turned around, to their surprise Titus was behind them and so was Ti-Ti. They all hugged each other. Camilla gave Ti-Ti and Titus the rest of the bread. Ti-Ti pulled out some extra cloth from her Stula. She made a blanket that was big enough for the 4 of them. “I heard there is a small hotel here. It’s very cold here. We do have an extraordinary warm blanket from cloth. We will have to make due. Let’s go to the hotel and get settled in. I whispered to Cemillie’s ear, “Life is going to be different from now on. But at least we have each other.”

© 2020 Kay/Hayden

Author's Note

Photo by Michael Giugliano from Pexels
Copy I made this when I was 9 so please ignore any mistaked c;

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