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Thanksgiving Donations

Thanksgiving Donations

A Stage Play by Kay/Hayden

A family tradition play for holidays. NOT professional. Note: One of the actors in this is on crutches so there are limited movements.


             Act 1: Studio

 Characters featuring:  Sasha( the Fastonista), (The shove over assistant) Ciara, The Child, random cashier 

 Plot:  Sasha is a designer who bosses around her assistant, Ciara. Sasha is very rich and Ciara is secretly poor. On the day before Thanksgiving, Sasha finds out her assistant is poor and nearly starving. She ends up inviting her over for Thanksgiving dinner. She regrets always being mean to Ciara.

(Sasha walks into the room with bright lip gloss. She grabs the phone and pretends to be on call.)  Sasha: “No you b*****d! I am not donating to the American Food Society,”  shouts and slams down her phone. (Clear throat loudly)

(Ciara types angrily on the laptop and looks up when she hears her boss clear throat) Ciara: “You good Sasha,” ( raising an eyebrow.)


Sasha: “That's Madam to you! Young people these days think they can call their boss whatever. I am superior to you!” 

(Ciara hangs head down in embarrassment)

Ciara: “Madame, someone wants to know if you will join them on the Thanksgiving Parade and donate to help the Ronald Mcdonald’s house”

Sasha: “Ew no, why would I want to help those slobbery sick children.”

Ciara: (Rolls eyes and raises voice sarcastically) “I’m done with you and your cheapskate self. You probably take money out of the donation boxes.” (Slams shut computer and walks away”

(Sasha laughs hysterically)

  Act 2

(Walk out of the room. Ciara grabs a stack of clothes, a pure with food stamps in it, and a can of food.)

(Sasha puts on a name tag badge and puts sweatshirt on. She walks out and pretends to stand at a cashier.)   

(Ciara walks out with items and goes on other side of check out table)

Cashier: “Did you find everything okay” (Says in monotone voice and yawns afterwards)

Ciara: “Ya, here are my food stamps.”

(Cashier rolls eyes)  “Ew you are a broke rat.”

(Ciara holds head in shame)

Cashier: “Let me go take time out of my day to look through cabinets to find the food stamps folder. (She said sarcastically while walking away.)

(Cashier leaves and takes off the nametag and changes into Sasha’s outfit. Ciara waits impatiently for her to come back. Sasha walks behind Ciara and sees her food stamps in hand and gasps in surprise. Audience sees her rummage through purse.)

Sasha: “Oh darling, I am so sorry- I never knew! Here take money for groceries.” (She shoves money into Ciara’s hands)

Ciara: “T-thank you. My husband is sick and can’t work, we struggle to afford things.”

Sasha: “I understand, I am so sorry for always being rude.” (Hangs head in shame)

Ciara: It’s okay, I'll see you later at work!

                          Act  3

(Ciara and Sasha walk out of the room.   Ciara: Put hair into pigtails, put on a mask, and hold a teddy bear. Wait for Sasha to get done changing.    Sasha: Let hair down, wipe off lipstick, grab toy.  Ciara walks out to stage and lays down in sickly form. Make sure the cast on the leg is visible. Hold the teddy closely to the chest. Sasha walks onto stage and sits next to the child.)

Sasha: Hi Darling, I’m Sasha. I brought a present for you! (Hands a toy)

(Child smiles and grabs toy)

Child: “Thank y-you miss”

(Sasha helps child up and then they smile together)

© 2020 Kay/Hayden

Author's Note

A family tradition play for holidays. NOT professional.

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I'm not a fan of reading scripts becuz it's often hard to follow or the reader needs to fill in some gaps because the action is sketchy. Your script is well-done & easy to follow, making a meaningful point by showing a transformation in one of your characters. You cover a good stretch of time for such a short script & I think its wise to begin in a bite-sized way, if you aren't experienced in script writing. Some writers start with a book & it would be better to start with a short story, in my opinion. That's why I admire your spunk & experimentation in tackling this script & getting a wide variety of writing practice (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

Posted 6 Months Ago


6 Months Ago

Thanks so much! Its a family tradition for every holiday my cousin and I put on a short play for our.. read more

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1 Review
Added on November 26, 2020
Last Updated on November 26, 2020
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Canton, OH

Hi! I am a 13-year-old aspiring author who is a proud nonbinary! I go by Kay or Hayden (Your choice). I support all people and am always here for you! Love yourself kiddos! more..

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