A Poem by KayDennyy!(:

11.19.2010 This poem, is yes confusing, but its thoughts.

Hand on my stomache,
Making sure everything's alright,
Is everything alright?
Is there something growing and forming in there?

I want to throw up,
these thoughts cloud my mind,
Moving to fast,
I need sleep.

I want to go to sleep,
and have a normal dream.
I want to dream of
Me and you in a deep sleep.

Remember my dream,
And wake up with no scratches down my arms.
All i need is you right now.

My boyfriend,
you are the best thing that's ever happened to me,
Some are saying we are moving to fast,
but i just stand up,
and scream f**k em' all.

My best friend,
are we going through the same thing?
are we both .....
i don't know you are my best friend and i'd do anything for you.

Allison Or Declan,
Are you growing okay,
are you making it alright.
are you even there

cause at night i'm dreaming you're there
and i see that your there.
but i dont know what to do,
what would i do if your not really there.

What would you do,
if your daughter came to you,
"Mommie, Daddie, I'm moving out

I can't stand it here, I hate the school,
I don't like it, It upsets me badly,
I'm tired off all the drama we have in this house,
and im tired of it!

and Oh did i mention i might be pregnant?"
Then she walks out of the house,
and you never see her again.
It would kill a father inside.

But just to let you know,
your daughter is fine,
with your grandson in her arms.
In her eyes, everything's alright.


© 2010 KayDennyy!(:

Author's Note

This poem, is yes confusing, but its thoughts.

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i like it. it helps me understand you a little more. :D

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on November 19, 2010
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