Sometimes You Lose

Sometimes You Lose

A Story by kaye_bela

A short creative piece.


He bent to gently kiss her stomach, and at last the wall crumbled and she became awash with the loss and grief she had been hiding. That strangely living thing, that group of cells that had bounded together in some trick of fate that gave them brief life, had slipped away. Although this created life had never been theirs really, neither of them had planned to walk down this pathway. But as he kissed her there, in the spot that had become taboo, a source of so much turmoil, she understood that this was his goodbye, his apology, and his promise for the future.


Every inch of her skin burnt with tangled emotions, and she could feel the blurry edges sharpening. Her heart was breaking. For him, for his strength and for her lack of it, and for the strange confusing hollowness that filled the room. She feared the emptiness; not knowing quite what it was she was mourning for, just that she was mourning for the loss of something that was precious somehow. The atmosphere was heavy with that confusion and melancholy and she felt like it was only thickening. Her hands gripped his sleeves, fearful to let go for everything was spinning too fast, yet moving sickeningly slowly, and if she let go, she felt she would fall.


So they held onto each other, until sleep came to save them both, for a few hallowed hours.

© 2013 kaye_bela

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Added on January 11, 2013
Last Updated on January 11, 2013
Tags: loss, grief, mourning, miscarriage, love, forgiveness



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