They Planned This

They Planned This

A Poem by Kaylee Marlin

They Planned This

Shadows hover over our minds,

Clouding the thoughts of our lives,

Creating a nightmare of our own,

That we conceal and lock up,

So nobody will know,

How badly we hurt inside.

Darkness swollows the light,

And fades away with our sanity,

Leaving behind a world of chaos,

For us to live in and leave everything behind,

Taking away our hopes of freedom,

And destroying our chance to survive.

Drifting through the night,

While sleeping our lives away,

Slowly it takes over us,

Creating pain and sorrow,

Feeding on our cries for help,

Until there's nothing left for them.

Falling from the sky above,

Is heaven finding its way to hell,

They're joining hands and waiting for us,

To leave our life and collect our souls,

So we spend eternity on their playground,

And obey their evey command.

Fading away until we're nothing,

Is how they planned it to be,

Living life as if it means something,

And then they take it away,

Keeping us on a short leash,

Until we become nothing but memories.

Melting into the scene,

Of their little play for us,

They yank our strings to make our move,

As if we're their puppets,

We have no say so in this life they believe,

So where's the proof that they're wrong.

Decaying corpses is all you'll find,

Lying here side by side,

Waiting for us to join them,

In their death dance of pain,

Never to come back again,

From our world they've escaped.

Drowning in our own tears,

Taking our last breath,

Letting go of our lives,

And give ourselves to death,

They stand there and watch us,

As we die off one by one.

Killing each other is what they want,

And as they watch they see it happen,

Right before their eyes,

They see the blood flowing,

Out of our lifeless bodies,

Until there's nothing left.

Burning our souls,

Is part of their plan for us,

And we let it happen,

Without putting up a fight,

We gave up before it all began,

Which is probably why they picked us.

Bleeding away until there's nothing,

And as the pain goes on,

They wait for us to leave our life,

So they can trap us in their world,

Never letting go of us,

As we become their mindless slaves.

Dieing and in pain,

We seek shelter in their arms,

Not knowing they caused this,

And not caring otherwise,

We gave them our lives,

And fullfilled their plans for us.

© 2012 Kaylee Marlin

Author's Note

Kaylee Marlin
I wrote this on 7/11/12 at 7:30pm let me know what you think.

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Love the movement in this piece. Almost makes me wish that I could "see" the characters that you are referring to.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on July 22, 2012
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Kaylee Marlin
Kaylee Marlin

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