That Little Green Monster

That Little Green Monster

A Poem by that-little-green-monster

A poem about jealousy.


That little green monster that sits on my shoulder,

Whispering in my ear,

Begging me to feed it.


"Why does she get all the nice things?

She doesn't even care.

Why does he get all of the attention?

He's not that interesting."


And when I watch her slip her hand in yours,

I can pratically hear that little monster cheering.

And she smiles smug at me,

By that time that monster is shaking.

That little green monster,

Sneering insults,

Biting remarks,

That I fight hard to keep in.


That little green monster,

Fighting hard,

That I think sometimes might win.

And any promises I made,

That monster tries to wipe away,

But I have to keep my faith,

That she'd do the same.


That little green monster,

Trying to reason with me.

Perched on my shoulder,

grinning wickedly.

Trying to control me,

Trying to set himself free.


That little green monster,

That I keep locked up in a cage.

Ignoring his snarls,

His "perfect" reasoning,

Because I know the feeling will pass,

But the harm that is done,

When the little green monster takes over,

Will be too bad to be reversible.

© 2012 that-little-green-monster

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I like it a lot
especially using the Green monster part
show how jealousy works :3

Posted 11 Years Ago

love it! :D

Posted 11 Years Ago

A perfect rendition of exactly how jealousy works. Great write. Loved the image of jealousy`s green demon. The war between two forces trying to control you and your own self will fighting hard for promises made is well played. Through your clever usage of tenses, which reminds me of how a monster would think and speak, i get the impression its only a matter of time before jealousy finds a way, a loop whole even to express itself.

Posted 11 Years Ago

This is really interesting. and Really different. This is great :D

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on May 5, 2012
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