1st year

1st year

A Poem by kbjami


Frankly it's a shame
That I have fallen for this game
That I really think this is great
To be deciding my future fate

There is nothing I could give 
To make me want to live
In a world of hatred and slumber
Oh and may I have your number

Because I really need it to call
To Call you at your hall
on your phone so that I could talk
and maybe we could walk

We could walk over to get a dish
And maybe I can tell a story of a fish
with my arm on your shoulder
and want to warm you as you get colder

But my mind still won't allow
So I just forfeit and my head bows
I don't understand why I think
So maybe I should take 1 more drink

And ahh wow that stings
but at least I cut the strings
From my mind's hands and all
I really should drink more alcohol

And school is the place for that
Oh so I think this for fact
Or could this just be a myth
then again I can't get nice clothes from a thrift

So here I am pouring my heart
But no one is here with a bucket to start
So I'm just wasting my words and breath 
Oh damn sometimes I smell death

But take my words into consideration 
and maybe bring it into configuration
I really love the distorted sound
 but no 1 can take that up town

So I sit alone in an alley
and when I come out get sell out tally
Because I am lost in this place
I trust the first smile upon a face

And sure it's a nice start
But then again I'm not being my heart
I'm not speaking what I really mean
This now seems to be a common theme

For Jesus I will laugh at on toast
and then ask him to not have me roast
which I don't even believe the oven is on
but be safe and trust the Son

But no matter what I think
I should always take that awful drink
And maybe a cracker to go with
And make sure I don't talk about a sith

Even though I trust everyone near
I just have some major fears
Though many have been gone
I don't want to do whats morally wrong

I just wish to play my strings
and try my very best to sing
Though also screaming is a blast
but I'm afraid the crowd will leave fast

So goodbye to the flannel I love
And now just accept a fake above
Be happy with the friends I've made
I honestly do love them 


© 2012 kbjami

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Added on May 14, 2012
Last Updated on May 14, 2012
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