Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter

Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter

A Story by Kristina

This is a short love story.


I met you in the spring when life begins its cycle. We started out as friends but somehow we grew to more. The connection between you and I was full of life. Like a beautiful red rose that just open up to the sunlight. 

 As summer came around I knew I fell in love.  I never knew what love really felt like till I truly opened my heart. With you love came so simple so beautiful so raw. It was like I was born again. The past seemed to have never happened but still it lingered around.  Though it lingered around you opened my heart up to its full potential and from that a love was born. I still ask myself what is love? Then I realize love to me now has meaning. It’s the way my heart felt full of happiness every time you smiled and your eyes lit up. It’s the way you kissed me, the passion so strong and burning with desire that’s not yet fulfilled. Waiting to be fulfilled like a dream that came true you’re not sure if you wake up if it will all disappear. It’s the way you made love with no limits and full of life it was one soul moving through two bodies.

 Was it real I had to ask myself from time to time when autumn came around?  Yes it was real. We had our fights like summers have their storms. Sometimes lightning and thunder rage through the sky as did our love during the autumn nights.  Life and its experiences make us who we are, well that is what we all want to believe but in the end we all choose. 

Winter came and we decided to go our separate ways. Did we make the right choice or does that love still burn like the little light we don’t see when we feel the whole world has gone dark. In my heart that light still lit as it always was. It burns it still rages like a storm wanting to wrap you up inside my arms and protect you from all harm. Can I change the mistakes that caused you hurt?  No I cannot. Will I survive? Yes. Life is full of love and happiness sometime we look in the places we think are best and ignore the ones standing in front of us. You taught me happiness and love in many ways. Spring, summer, autumn and winter were all a beautiful lesson I am more than great full for going through. Why? Because for once I found the meaning of love and a love that was so loyal and true it stood by my side through it all. You are my spring, you are my summer and you are my autumn and winter. Nothing will ever replace the meaning and passion behind the love we shared and built once. Only I’m left wondering where it all disappeared to. Is it alive inside your heart? Can we both truly move on from something that never really went wrong?

© 2012 Kristina

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Added on December 11, 2012
Last Updated on December 25, 2012
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I was born in Moscow Russia came to the USA at age 9. Writing is my way of telling my stories. I love to write when my mind is clear but my heart is pouring words. more..

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