A Bruised Heart

A Bruised Heart

A Story by K.D.Wrights

A shorty story I created one day out of the blue.



Hands can be soft; then again, hands can be rough. They’re this delicate set of powerful organisms that basically have control over everything. When you’re a baby, you don’t realize what power you behold in your wonder, for these hands…These hands can do so much! You can touch things and described them as your brain matures. You’re able to tell someone what it felt like to touch your mother’s face after being away from her for so many years. You can tell someone how smooth fresh blankets are when they first come out the dryer. You can recall how you got your first bruise…

Today was going to be a good day�"I just knew it. There was nothing that could stop you from thinking all the happy thoughts in the world. I was going to eat the food in the house and treasure it for the rest of my life! I was going to hug my bed forever because I knew it was soft and fluffy. I was going to kill all my brain cells when I go hang out with my friends for movie night. Someone would call my day simple but it was going to be the best thing that happened in five years.

Mama picked me up and I swear the years have done her well. The facility kept me away from outside contact but I was able to talk to her throughout the years. She told me how much everyone missed me especially her. She told me how she was trying to redecorate the house and my room since I was no longer a kid anymore. My friends asked about me all the time since I was only able to call one person and I always call my mom. She had on this long blue dress with brown buttons. Her hair was combed but the humidity swallowed the straightened weight of her hair. She had on red lipstick, the kind that made her lips ruby red and kissable. She was a beautiful sight to see.

“Oh, Tommy! My baby boy!”

Her hugs felt familiar but I forgot how it felt to be hugged. Solitary confinement was a b***h at first but I got so used to it that I didn’t care if I didn’t see a face anymore. But Mama? I could never forget the soft, weary look she always wore. She didn’t pack on extra weight like I thought she would since she told me I had a baby brother waiting at home…I didn’t ask who the father was.

It felt good to be leaving this s**t hole I rotted in for five years. I didn’t look back as we drove away in Mama’s beat up van because I didn’t want to remember what it looked like. White walls are something I will always hate. I was able to go outside when they let me but actually being outside and never going back in felt like treasure. People were outside smiling and interacting in activities like sports and cookouts. Everyone looked happy instead of desperate. There was no sign of sadness or worry�"just blossoming of joy. I wonder what my friends are doing right now.

Bye, white walls!

The house is the same as I left it�"old and close to falling apart. Mama tried to uplift the place a bit with pots of flowers surrounding the porch and colorful chairs to sit in. The lawn was freshly cut and I could see purple drapes from inside. Mama really did fix up, huh? Maybe it’s better on the inside. Mama opened the door and I was instantly hugged by an elderly woman holding a toddler.

“Tommy�"so glad to have you back home!”

My great aunt was always around when I was younger, making sure Mama was on her feet and that I had everything I needed as a child. She was caring and never asked much of Mama so it was good to know Mama had company while I was gone…Well, good company that is. She smelled like cinnamon and all types of sweetness as I inhaled her scent when she held me. She pulled away to show me this huge smile and then nodded towards the toddler.

Great, another kid to worry about.

“This here is Tommy, Little William. Can you say hi to your big brother?”

The toddler blushed and smirked, only to hide in Aunt Agatha’s neck. He was being shy but I thought it was cute how he kept peeking to look at me. Aunt Agatha leaned towards me to see if William would come to me and he leaped into my open arms like I offered candy. I held him gently as we looked into each other’s eyes, finding curiosity in each other. Mama came over to us as she cried softly.

“I never thought I’d be so happy to see this moment. I have some beautiful boys.”

I kissed Mama’s forehead and hugged onto her tightly, realizing I had more responsibility than I realized. I have no clue what Mama has going on or what she’s  being up to for five years but I knew I had to look after her and my little brother. Aunt Agatha said she had errands to run but would be back as soon as possible. She disappeared into thin air as she closed the door and went to her car that was parked in the street. Mama took the toddler from me and placed him in front of the TV that was playing cartoons where a bunch of toys were spread out.

“Are you hungry, Tommy? Will hasn’t had lunch yet and I figured you might be hungry too.”

I shook my head, letting her know I was fine although I could go for a grilled cheese right now. I didn’t want her to do much for me even though it was my first day back. I wanted to just spend time with her and this little bundle of joy she brought into the world while I was gone. I knew she had always worked hard when I was here but it has to be harder on her with a three and sixteen year old, especially when the older one has a disorder.

Suddenly the door busts open and I’m staring into the eyes of a drunken b*****d. He glared back at me like I was intruder as he stepped up to me with these cold eyes. He slammed the door behind him and poked my chest.

“Who the hell are you and why are you in my house?”

Who the hell does he think he is, Tommy?

I narrowed my eyes at him, feeling my fists tighten as Mama came in between us to put distance where there was tension.

“Butch, this is my oldest boy, remember? I told you he was coming home today. Tommy, this Butch, my boyfriend and William’s daddy.”

Daddy? This prick looked too weak and spineless to be someone’s father. I didn’t like him at all and I knew it once he stepped into the house. His clothes were baggy and he smelled like a beer factory. His breath wasn’t much better either so what the f**k did Mama see in this creep anyways? Mama was able to calm down Butch�"stupid name�"and he followed her to the kitchen. I decided to sit on the couch where William was and watch TV with him. I hope Butch really didn’t live here but the way Mama was touching him, I knew she allowed the devil into our home.

William would look over at me and I’d smile every time he smiled at me. I could Mama in him and barely this Butch, which was really a good thing. I couldn’t enjoy the sight of his young face as I noticed Butch began to scream at Mama…Calling her names. She told him not to yell but he only got louder. He cursed at her like a sailor and then�"smack!

I jumped up immediately and as soon as I turned around, I bolted to my mother’s side. She was on her side on the floor, clutching her face and she revealed a bloody nose to me. I became in furious as she begged me not to get mad but that made it worse. I stood up as she pulled onto my shirt, not to harm Butch but my eyes were set on the creep. He chuckled as I grabbed the knife that was sitting on the counter, sharp enough to do damage. Butch wasn’t worried at all as he laughed harder when I clasped it in my hand. Mama’s cries began to fade as my mind focused on him.

“Whatcha gonna do with that? You don’t have the balls to hurt me, you prick!”

Do it, Tommy. 

What Butch didn’t know was this would be my second time doing this. Before the first, I vowed to never let a man hurt my mother and me�"even if he was my own father.

© 2015 K.D.Wrights

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This is heart-wrenching. I'm sorry that you had to go through that but am so happy to see you use the pain to your advantage. This is wonderful and I can't wait to read more of your work :)

Posted 9 Years Ago


9 Years Ago

Oh, this isn't real. I'm sure its true somewhere but this came from my head one day. I like writing .. read more

9 Years Ago

Oh!!! Well I'm glad that you didn't have to go through it then :) It's wonderful, all the same. Plea.. read more
really interesting. I don't normally read this kind of genre, but it kept me reading until the end. I actually felt the hate building in this young lads eyes while he was looking at this animal who had hit his mum.
Great work Kayla, keep it up.

Posted 9 Years Ago


9 Years Ago

Thank you very much !

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