Letters to an Absent Father

Letters to an Absent Father

A Poem by Bookworm1223

Hi Daddy, it's me. Just calling again. Still no answer. It's my birthday, you know. Christmas is coming too. Didn't see you at Thanksgiving. Halloween could have been fun. The fireworks were great, but the heat was stifling. Easter was good. Call me soon, ok? I love you Daddy! Bye!

I was young. So young. Naive you could say. 
Lived with mom, got along, happy in my own way.
I missed you, thought about you sometimes.
Never thought the way you weren't there should have been a crime.
You'd call now and then, say, "Just checkin' in."
You should have been there, Daddy.
If not for mom, for me.
Hi Daddy! I love you! "Yeah, I love you too sweetheart. I'm between jobs right now, can't take you out. How about Christmas? I'll get ya something real special."

Hey Dad! It's me! You know, Karleigh? Your daughter? I'm sixteen, did you know? Life's doing alright, school is kind of hard, but I'm managing. Call me back, ok? Please? Alright... well I love you, bye.

Where are you Dad? High school is hard. 
I need advice, and I need it bad. 
Mom tries. Her hardest in fact.
But that doesn't change that we need you back. 
Please come back, if only for a short time.
I promise you'll see I'm worth the drive.
Is it me Daddy? Am I not right?
I try so hard, but still I escape your sight.
I hope, Daddy. Everyday.
That you'll come back, and never want to go away.
Hi Father. I'm in college now. Graduation was amazing! Mom even cried! I'll miss my friends, but life is different now. Independence is great. Call me if you like, but I'm really busy! Sorry, gotta go! Bye!

Living alone now, I grasp the basics. 
Money, food. 
It's hard to make it. 
Is it hard for you? 
It must be, I have mom, but you?
Being alone all the time must really suck.
Tell me Daddy, it's not me, is it?
All me life thinking your love needed a prerequisite.
You're not capable, Daddy.
It's not me. It's you.
Hey Scott. It's Karleigh. Your grandkids just started preschool. Don't ever expect to see them. They will never know of you or your name. Don't ever call me again. I never want to hear your voice again.

Thanks Sperm Donor, really. That's sincere. 
If it weren't for you, I would never have learned.
Learned to run as fast and as far away from men like you.
You set such a great example of everything I never want.
You can trust the father of my children
will be everything you're not.
Goodbye now, and for always.
This is that last you'll hear from me.

© 2016 Bookworm1223

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Added on November 21, 2016
Last Updated on November 21, 2016