Curiosity Killed The Cat...Good Thing I'm Not A Cat...

Curiosity Killed The Cat...Good Thing I'm Not A Cat...

A Poem by free ronnie radke!

life can be so freaking confusing at times



It’s been a while since I’ve felt total confusion

A whirlwind of emotions







But most of all




As the time grows near

My feelings grow stronger

I know it’s not right

I know that I shouldn’t wonder

But now I'm starting to realize

That if I don’t know how it would feel

I might regret it for the rest of my life

I know nothing can happen

No good can come of it

And plenty bad could


I still want to know


I want to know

How far I will let it go

How long will I let the desires fester in me

Because there’s something about you that’s…sexy

How far would you let it go?

Would you let it go anywhere at all?

I doubt it

I know it’s crazy

I know it’s beyond anything I’ve ever felt before

And it may be insanity

I feel so embarrassed

I feel so out of line

But still…

I want to know


I'm curious as to how it could even happen

How many scenarios could I dream up

And which ones I should lock up

The ones that bring a blush to my cheeks

The ones that are a bit…er…naughty


Then I start to really think

How does it make you feel to know that I want you?

Does it make you uncomfortable?

Do you feel flattered?

Then again

It doesn’t really matter


I want to know how you would feel

If I ran my finger down your chest

And kissed you gently

Would you accept

Or excuse yourself and resist?


My mind will let me wander further

But my body will settle for a kiss

Even that could get me and you in a lot of trouble

But still…

I'm curious


Oh my God

I haven’t ever felt this way before

I never wanted to break all my rules

And rebel against what I know is right


Somehow if I don’t find out

It might bother me for a long time

But if I do find out

My mind will lie at rest

But then again

Oh I don’t know

This is so terrible



I can’t help it

Just one kiss

Just one

What’s the harm?

God, it could cause a ton

But then again maybe not

Is it just me, or is it getting hot?


I seriously don’t know what to do

I really haven’t got a clue

But still…

I know all I want




© 2009 free ronnie radke!

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Added on May 28, 2009


free ronnie radke!
free ronnie radke!

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A Story by free ronnie radke!