For the Toughest Flower I've Ever Met

For the Toughest Flower I've Ever Met

A Poem by Chara

dedicated to my sister--the flower that keeps my courtyard together


In the years of my existence 

I have always been surrounded by flowers

Some are shy

Some are affectionate

Some are friendly 

Some are young

While some are withered by the time’s passed breeze

Amongst the flowers blooming in my courtyard

One stands out the most

The toughest flower I have ever seen

Its petals lean closer towards the sun

In the morning dew it shines

Indeed it is the toughest flower that I have ever seen

Though storms often blew upon its frame

This flower stands still and sways along with the rain

In mountains the flower sings

Watches the sun rise and bid its goodbye

I have always wondered how this flower came to be

Tough as if the diamonds kissed its petals and remained

Shines as if its birthed by the morning sun

However, beknownst 

Neither was it kissed by diamonds

Nor birthed by the sun


Its petals were crusted to withstand the greatest of storms

Shaped to go along with the storms constant breeze

In the middle of my courtyard

Amidst the flowers blooming

There it stood�"the toughest flower that I have ever seen

Binding the different shades of hues

The variety of flowers in my courtyard

However the closer I get

The more I see

Contrary to the diamonds

Its petals slowly withering as time grew

More and more the fragile it seems

And there I knew

How even this flower’s prone to wither

And so this poem’s for the toughest flower I’ve ever seen

In hopes of continuous sunshine

In hopes for the storm to calm

In hopes that in every tears it shed, the healthier its leaves will came to be

A reminder that sometimes even the strongest flower can lose some of its petals

For the toughest flower I’ve ever knew

I thank you 

For keeping the flowers in my courtyard together

Soon the sun will only bring warmth

The storms a gentle breeze

The moon a comforting light

I love you so

© 2021 Chara

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Added on November 26, 2021
Last Updated on November 26, 2021
Tags: sister, metaphor, love, flower, problems, courage, imagery, filial piety