Time Was Never A Friend

Time Was Never A Friend

A Poem by Chara

a poem I wrote for the environment


I have once felt comforting warmth of the sun against my skin

the slight dampness birthed by the dew in the morning

Smelled the subtle remnant of the skies in petrichor

The freshness of the newly trimmed grass

Danced along with the flora

Marveled at the beauty of the thousand splendid suns

Witnessed the unfolding of the different hues as the sun greets in the morning and bids its goodbye

Said hello to shyness of the moon 

Traversed the distanced lands

Swam along with the waves

Embraced the softness of winds‘ kiss

Sat with the humming of the night

One can say that the life I've tread was a beautiful adventure

that one can only reminisce 

Indeed, time was never a friend

And along with it was change 

The sun slowly became harsh

The warmth a scorching heat

The petrichor an obnoxious fragrance I can no longer bear

Replaced by dust, rancid

The flora retired and remained still

The thousand splendid suns hid behind the thousand lights
Outshining its beauty with blinding luminescence 

The gradient hues of the sun became a monochromatic tune

The moon hid behind the distant sky 

The waves grew obnoxious  

That no one could ever come close

Swallowing everything that hinders its way

The winds no longer a gentle kiss

The night, an unending static

Soon the rainbows will no longer birth butterflies

nor the grass emit green

And I wish for the credits to never roll

The path I tread to never reach my destination

For I once failed to protect

The adventure I had

From the corrosion of time and neglect 

© 2021 Chara

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Added on December 16, 2021
Last Updated on December 16, 2021
Tags: nature, save the earth, environment, protection, imagery, regrets, mother earth, planet, conserve