grace answers: appeases truth with the judgment of love

grace answers: appeases truth with the judgment of love

A Chapter by kenwillp

God is: invincible and need no other proof than the Word and the Spirit.



Moreover, in response to these question, in the reply to me from Grace, once again I heard His voice saying, “My child you must be heedful of the spirit and word of scriptures, for in them I have mentioned my eternal name saying to you, 'I am.'” “God's Life, Word, and Spirit is eternal and absolute sovereign evidence of itself;” “Almighty, Divinity, and Perfection needs no more and no other proof beside itself�"for who is able to reprove the Holiness of God.”

Therefore to the living life is the love and experience of service to God, but to those who are dying life is the death and experience of not serving the Almighty God, not knowing, neither perceiving, nor ever touching Holy Truth. The surest evidence of our holy love of God, our life's approval of Holy Truth, is in the deep conviction of our contrite and humbled heart; however, the sure fact of those that are dead is rather in the evidence of their disapproval of Holy Truth; evidenced by their reprobate mind and stubborn heart that firmly loves and is therefore established in the will and desire of a carnal mind. Life and Truth is either as the flavor of sweet fruit or else the savor of bitter herbs upon the palate of the soul. But how many of us grow up among thistle and thorns, the bristle and brambles, of this life being saved only by the love of God's Grace, and not our merit. How wonderful was that Grace which saved us, amen.

The lost and condemn, the alienated sinner says, “What is Truth?” But of certainty, sooner or later, we all must look into the the unchanging countenance of the face of Truth; either we shall see into the compassionate eyes of the Light of Life or rather stare starkly into the stern impassioned gaze of the darkness of death. Did we not hear Jesus, when upon the cross He said, “It is finished:” At that time the children were laid trustingly and faithfully, according to the Will of the Father, into the bosom of Holy Truth �" the Holy Ghost. The Word's judgment and conviction verily came forth from the Father; in other words, God's will and voice that called, formed and created all things, which verily presupposed the Divine and human providential act and will of Jesus the Christ, Him Whom was sent. Who coming forth was to pay with the sacrifice of His human life propitiation for our sin. The sin that would come upon us, which was our unavoidable and inevitable offense; the sin in which and by which we willfully disregard and disrespect the Father's Word continually, even from the beginning until now (“… the thoughts and imagination of man's heart is continually evil …” : Genesis 6:5). The Father's cost, the life of the son, paid for us the priceless value God deem our soul's worth; a price which was, is, and could only be reconciled by, paid for by, and duly accounted for by that very Grace and Truth of Jesus which the world, save His “Church,” has taken up offense toward. Hence, vowing not to remember and neither wanting to be reminded that it [the world] murdered, rejected and denied the Divinity and Innocence of Jesus Christ. Never mindful that altogether, sinners in agreement with the Lord's very own people did willingly and scornfully take Jesus, the Savior of the world, the Most Holy and Glorious, the Blessed and Exalted, verily the holy bodily vessel of God's Word did we nail upon a tree: “Cursed is he that hangs on a tree.”

Our God and Father thus answered these questions when with the life of His Word God paid, when with His Wisdom God displayed, and when with His Power God exerted Grace and Truth, giving fully of Himself to fill up the whole measure of Truth, Holiness, Righteousness, and Holy Prophecy: timely, the bodily life, holy revelation, and the death and resurrection of Jesus, the “Christ of God”, the “Begotten” One, the Glorious Word of His bosom. Himself being the ultimate and unquestionable fulfillment of the price handed over for our liabilities, unholy and inglorious disrespect and irreverence: surely sin against Him, His preachings and teachings, and our rebuke and rebellion against the truth of the incarnation and human bodily form of God's son. In essence of truth since our creation we have been abusing and defying the Holy and Glorious Divine Word of God, rejecting and denying The Holy Spirit of God. The unavoidable fact is that our dark light of imperfection, seeing that we are but human not divine, neither are the angels divine, thus by the power of sin inherent to formed and created things we have been �" only seemingly, for truly the God and the Word cannot be touched nor defile -- casting the appearance of a defiling light of darkness, sin and disobedience, upon God and His Word. Some may deny or be ignorant of this truth, but that matters not, disbelief does not remove guilt. Seeing is believing, all things true are born up and bound up in the Holy Truth, that is, they are or will be testified of by the Holy Spirit of God. The Spirit of God does not depend upon nor is needful of man's belief or agreement �" It is what it is: Absolute Life, Light, and Truth.

The person(s) that would be true to themselves and seeks to learn from the light of God's Wisdom is one who is obliged to seek, for they that seek finds that they might perceive, see, hear, and feel God's Spirit, Grace and Truth. And by the wisdom of their obedience to God's Will, it is surely reasonable to be believe that the Word and Spirit of God will afford, verily display, and unmistakably demonstrate all along the lines of the Grace and Truth to them the “Divine” purpose. For that person being a child of God, a child of God's Will, bearing the fruits of truth within themselves is aligned with the Holy Spirit. God sharing Eternal Truth describes His cost paid, His will displayed, and His spirit exerted for our life and being. God's Holy Wisdom is displayed in that we are made by His Word and Spirit, that is, God sent out His Loved-ones from His bosom, and thus the Word and Spirit condescending into the depths of emptiness in their Divine power commanded and manifested all things to be, producing our created life and our abode �" the created universe. Which is now firmly established in the agape love of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Moreover, by God's Love and in His Holy Wisdom, we received holy adoption and thereby holy inheritance at cost to God, being verifiable by and within the Will of God, the old and new testament of God, the written evidence of the Life of His Son. It is by God's Wisdom that we are specifically heirs of the Word, benefactors of the Life and Will of a Savior come from God. By the Divine Wisdom of God's providence we have, surely, at our right-hand the canonized Bible, the probate documentation and written evidence of His Will and Testament. God's Wisdom is sought and found in the Holy Scriptures: Holy writ of God documenting our holy heritage and likewise our legal rights as children and co-heirs with Jesus, the Son of the Most High God. By the Divine gift of Holy Wisdom from Grace, the spirit of wisdom come to us by Grace, the one and the same spirit of God's Son which we now do share, as a result we know and understand that Holy Scriptures was written by the hand of our forefathers whose mind, heart, and soul was infused with the Holy Spirit; the pages of which are inked in the precious blood of the One “Begotten” Son, our Lord, our Savior, our Holy Kinsman. Holy Writ ascribes and prescribes our relationship to God by Holy faith in His Word; therefore, each person through the Spirit and by the human blood relation to Jesus has promise to receives their inherited portion of the gift, the Holy Spirit bequeathed us through Him. So in as much as a man-made will is earthly proof of a person's final thoughts and their desired disposition of possessions to be allotted to their family and loved-ones left behind, so, too, is the Holy Bible the Divine writ of will, old and new testament, of God concerning His Word and the disposition of spiritual gifts allotted to His spiritual family here on earth after the the Son's departure. Holy Writ speaks of Holy Faith in God; the Bible is a matter of God's will which strictly concerns family inheritance; it is a Holy matter, exclusively a family affair. Wherefore Holy Scripture is clear in its dictates to those of the family of faith who believe and thus would inherit salvation and eternal life. To the contrary, all who chose not to be inclusively named among the faithful children of God, they are wretched and forsaken choosing to be disinherited.

Even unto His family, as unto all, God wielded perfect and sovereign Justice, Love and Truth, the Holy ingredients of all to whom God gave life, light, and substance. Immutable God in the perfectness of His Spirit, in His perfection of the created, paid cost, displayed wisdom, and exerted power, and by the rule of “agape” love judges rightly all that He has wrought and created. God therefore need not show favoritism, for the the gift of God's Word and Spirit is upon all. However God's love, the Word of Grace, saves the meek and humble for it leads the peacemaker to that mercy which triumphs over judgment. The Wisdom of our God and Father, besides His prepayment �" Grace �" for our allotted cost to Holy Truth, displays His perfect ability to create and perfect that which is but a created thing, and which is by its very intrinsic created nature doomed to disintegration. In His perfect Wisdom, knowledge and understanding, thus powerfully of His Holy Spirit, God is revealing the depth and the debt in which He has honored the Word of our creation, and the length and the width in which He has glorified the cornerstone of Holy Truth, His Word and His Spirit. He has set as cost and payment the Holy Life of the Word and the powerful exertion of His Holy Spirit: this is God's own self-imputed Divine accountability; likewise it is God's own self-assessed Eternal and Infinite “tribute” payment owed and renowned for Holiness. Divine cost, wisdom, and power is God's Holy verification of the Divine Integrity of His Word, Holy and Perfect Truth. God by Grace, Holy Love and Perfect Wisdom has passionately, affectionately and wisely established, settled and fulfilled the [His] absolute contractual integrity and responsibility to the Holiness of Divine Truth, All-Truth. God, Holy Being and Holy Life, has in His absolute righteousness, in His “Way” of Holiness, that is, in the perfection, integrity and purity of Divinity�"in that it is impossible for God to lie�"so has He powerfully exercised and exerted His Holy Spirit, Himself and His Word; hence it is according to the lone Council of His Love and Will that God entreated us and enjoined us to Holy Truth.

Absolutely and consequentially in Grace's answer to us, that is, when by the gift of Grace to us, we look to find the answers to such questions �" our doubts, we shall learn that God is demonstrating His Eternal Province for all the works of His mighty hand. Also in answer to these questions Grace makes plainly visible to God's children, to all who seek Truth in God, His Paternal care, responsibility, and charge over the welfare of all spiritual life in the Kingdom of Heaven and His welfare of all life human, or otherwise. For God keeps all who do faithfully abide here in this created abode, verily the works of God's hands, our gift of life upon the earth. Of Divine import to us is Grace's care and concern principally for our human life, to cover with holy balm, to bind up our wounds, and to heal our spiritual lesions and lacerations resulting from sin which powerfully resides in the earth and which vexes with infirmities our life and body and soul in this spatially separated reality apart from God. Thus we here on earth are in a constant battle with not only self, pride and ego, but we must fight off dark spirits and be ever on guard against dominions and principalities of abject darkness that would take possession our very soul, But for Grace the victory could not have been won.

In His Divine, Absolute Sovereignty and Power God has charge and command over all things, which includes charge over the life and doings of the unholy angels who were cast out of the Holy Kingdom of Heaven, being bound and chained in darkness, and thus relocated unto the heavens and the earth beneath God's feet, the separate space of the creation. And so they dwell in the different spheres above which transcends down even unto the life-sustaining atmosphere of the air we breathe on earth. They dwell and have their being now amongst the inhabitants of the earth.

However God eternally preserving and mightily keeping us by His right-hand, having indeed paid, displayed ,and exerted toward us “little” children who are specifically of the earth, who are made of the earth, who are the most needful of all the children of the earth, and who therefore are the most miraculously nurtured children of the earth, so has God demonstrated the Divine Long-suffering Patience of a Father's love; although and despite we were and still are altogether, a most wayward and rebellious brood of children.

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be pleased to help me conform to orthodoxy, and right grammar and word use, please. thank you. all writing is therefore subject to revision without note. this chapter is not fin./or proofread, forgive me

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