The Winds of Change

The Winds of Change

A Poem by ♪The Girl Next Door♪

I've been working on this one for awhile, I hope you like it!


The winds of change are blowing, dear

But my heart beats slower still

I was dead without you here

You must be darling or be road kill.


Let the sirens shout their fatal song

For I may have misled myself too far along

Can you pull me out of this foresaken well?

This lie does not exisist, my story, you must not tell.


The winds of change are decreasing to mild

Though the smoke clears, you remain tragically silent

With the mind of an elder and the eyes of a child

Through the days, my thoughts grow violent.


My mind is calming, my thoughts conforming

New regions, my soul was exploring

But reality  is hunting down my crippled heart

The pain comes too early for the fun to start.


The winds of change have shaken the dead

Yet I've left you so much more to wonder

Did you hold that gun up to my head?

Or did I send my own body six feet under?

© 2012 ♪The Girl Next Door♪

Author's Note

♪The Girl Next Door♪
Please be gentle with your reviews, this has a lot of deeper meaning to me.

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the winds of change are both calming yet overwhelming, leaving one to sometimes one whether they're always good or bad

Posted 7 Years Ago

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You have a very good way with words..when I read the title, it immediately caught my interest..and now, the poem is equally remarkable! Keep going :)

Posted 7 Years Ago

"With the mind of an elder and the eyes of a child" I really like that line. Even though you write on a smart phone, your grammar and grasp of poetry is leaps and bound above many your age:)

Posted 7 Years Ago

The poem and the picture both went well together. It felt the way the weather always is on a stereotypical funeral, and the words of the poem seemed they could be the contemplation of a lost life or a broken spirit. They're stuck in time, upon the moment of brokenness or death, the desolation afterwards. Another good poem.

Posted 7 Years Ago

♪The Girl Next Door♪

7 Years Ago

Thank you! I like what you said in there, about stereotypical funerals. That was cool!
And it .. read more
John Stussy

7 Years Ago

Haha thanks. My current band's name is Skeleten Krew. :P
♪The Girl Next Door♪

7 Years Ago

Woah that's cool too! :D
The emotion is so raw and intense! Loving it! this is an amazing piece. This is beautiful

Posted 7 Years Ago

Thanks all of you who reviewed! I really appreciate it!

Posted 7 Years Ago

Wow, this is filled with raw emotion, i loved the littles messages in there :)

Posted 7 Years Ago

I like the poem a lot.
"The winds of change have shaken the dead
Yet I've left you so much more to wonder
Did you hold that gun up to my head?
Or did I send my own body six feet under?"
The repetition gave strength to the purpose of the poem. I like the strong ending to the outstanding poem.

Posted 7 Years Ago

I can tell this is a personal write. I very muched enjoyed the piece.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Wow, this is beautifully written and knocks the socks off of the audience's feet. Haha. This is unique and I really enjoyed reading it, too! You done a great job, and I give you credit for working so hard on it. Working hard pays off in the end. Some people over-look writing and they think when someone takes a long time to write a piece, that it's nothing. Actually they're very wrong, because writing takes a lot of work and when someone takes their time they're producing a true masterpiece. That's what you presented right here, too! Great job, your work keeps impressing me more and more!! :)

Ashley Rivers--Dream BIG and you'll win BIG:)

Posted 7 Years Ago

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♪The Girl Next Door♪

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