Chapter 1

Chapter 1

A Chapter by Kenzie

  Life was great for Daniel. Well that was a lie actually in this moment. He thinks if someone were to ask him how much he loved life he'd give them two big fingers and tell them to shove off. Any other day, he'd be okay. But one person,it takes just one, decided to mess everything up for him.
Daniel gripped at his phone in his pocket, pulling it out. He jostled his bag that was hanging limply off his shoulder and tried his best to search up the person he hated the most right now. Putting the phone to his ear, listening to the sound of the obnoxious ring tone.
“New York Sperm Bank; you jack it, we pack it. How may I help you on this orgasmically beautiful day?”

  "Shane shut the hell up and listen. I know you ate my chocolate muffin this morning and you knew I was looking forward to eating it!" Daniel shouted over the phone, muttering apologies when he kept bumping into people. Not only had he woken up late, but he completely forgot about the liver transplant patient he needed to operate on today. On top of that, the delicious chocolate muffin was missing and he didn't have the time to actually kill Shane for it. Now he's currently running to his job at the White Willow General Hospital.

  "Oh Danny-boy! Yeah sorry about that. I got hungry at night and it looked really good." Shane explained over the phone, not sounding what's so ever apologetic.

   Daniel groaned. "I'm going to kill you when I get back to the apartment!"

  "I recall you telling me how much you needed to get into shape. I basically sacrificed myself for you eating that muffin." Shane pointed out. Daniel could practically see the mans smirk making the urge to beat the s**t out of him more stronger.

  "You know what? We will discuss you eating my muffin later. I for one have a job to do because I'm not a child like you!" Daniel hung up mid protest from Shane and huffed out a sigh. How did he even get himself stuck in this position?

  "Abano you're late! This is the third time this week!" Daniel winced as his boss immediately pounced on him when he walked through the sliding doors.

  "I know Mr. Walsh! I'm so sorry, I woke up late because my alarm didn't go off and-"

  "I don't give a s**t! Get to work,"
Walsh growled out, stomping off to his office. Daniel took a deep breath to control himself from punching his boss. He really needed this job, but Walsh is an a*****e among all a******s. He is the biggest in the whole world, more than Shane! Daniel shook his head and walked to the coffee station. Since he didn't have his over sugary muffin this morning, he would just have to survive on coffee.

  "Oh coffee! Thanks Danny-bear," one of Daniels coworkers said, grabbing his freshly made coffee from his hand. He watched in horror as his coffee was being downed by this jerk face, before throwing it away and giving him a smile. "That was really good. You should make more."

  Daniel felt his eye twitched and forced himself to take deep breaths. This was a crime right? Drinking his nicely made coffee with a s**t tons of sugar in front of him was surely a crime. Daniel let out a groan and dragged himself to the locker room to get changed in his hospital gear. The day only began and he already wants to bash his, no, bash Shane's head against a wall.
  Daniel bit his lip as Walsh ripped up his reports on one of the patients that he just got done with doing hip surgery.

  "Why kind of s**t are you giving me?! You can't even write a decent report about a simple surgery can ya? Is it to hard for a little boy like you? That's what happens when they hire a kid!" Walsh yelled, spraying spit everywhere. He wiped a hand over his wrinkly face before sipping from his coffee. Walsh gagged in disgust at the taste cursing whoever made this coffee and chose instead of putting it in the trash, he did the next best thing. Chucking it at Daniel. "Get out! Go do your job as a doctor or can you not handle this being a kid and all? And someone get me some decent coffee!"
  Daniel bit his lip harder as the scorching drink made contact with his chest and groin. "Um ow," he squeaked out. He winced as he shot up from his seat. He means, it's not the first time Walsh threw s**t at him but the fact he keeps doubting his skills makes him pissed. Daniel shook his head and rushed out of the office towards the bathroom. "S**t. S**t. S**t. S**t. Double s**t." He pulled his pants down wincing at the burnt skin. Seriously, screw Walsh!

  "To hell with everyone," Daniel muttered taking his pants completely off. He couldn't care less about anyone walking in if his skin was going to be a b***h. Without a second thought, Daniel whipped his phone out and dialed the first number that came to his mind.

  "Hello Brotato Chip, miss me already?" Shane's obnoxious voice asked echoing through the bathroom.

  "Shane listen." He cut of his best friend from his usual idiotic rants.

  "What's wrong?" Instead of his cheerful tone, it was a worried, serious one which made Daniel smile a bit.

  "You gotta."

  "...I gotta what? What do I gotta do?"

  Daniel slapped his forehead. His brain was working faster than his mouth so the only thing he could actually get out was 'you gotta.' Maybe if someone didn't drink his coffee, Daniel would have been functioning correctly. But no, apparently he somehow pissed off the universe to give him a s****y day. "Can you just come to my work? And bring extra clothes for me. Please?" He said in a small voice.

  "You know I can't resist you when you say please Danny-poo. I'm on my way as we speak!" Shane exclaimed.

  Daniel sighed in relief and put his phone against the counter. His skin was already blistered up and it hurt to just even touch it. He really wished Shane would just hurry up so he could get back to his job.  
  "I'm looking for a Daniel!! He's a small kid who looks like he's sucking on a lemon!! It's an emergency!!" Daniel smiled at hearing Shane's voice blast through the office, filled with worry. "Dan, you in the bathroom?"

  "Yeah I am. You can, um, come in." The door slowly opened revealing a panting Shane and a small bag in his hands.

  "Wow there Daniel! Are you okay? Why are you half naked? Not that I'm complaining, but those blisters on your thighs look pretty bad." Shane stated. Daniel cover his crotch with his boxers wincing as the brushed against his skin.

  "Don't get mad, but my boss might have thrown his cup of very hot coffee at me." Daniel told him carefully, knowing how Shane was gonna make a big deal about it.

  "He did what?! Daniel. Don't tell me to do nothing cause I swear-"

  "Shane don't do anything." Shane waved his hands in the air in frustration before grabbing Daniel shoulders.

  "It's gonna be okay Danny-poo! I will go talk with him and-" Shane started but was stopped by a slap to the head. "OUCH! What the hell??"

  "You will not talk to my boss! I'm gonna get fired! I like being a doctor, a surgeon Shane and this hospital is the best in New York. And your talk with people are not talks! I can handle myself!" Shane grabbed Daniels hair and started to pull really hard causing Daniel himself to smack his best friend in the head. Repeatedly.

  "You're 22 you stupid genius! You can not handle yourself because you let your boss, uh boss you around!" Daniel shoved Shane away from him frowning.

  "That's what bosses do Shane. They boss you around!"

  "Well they shouldn't throw coffee at you!"

  "You're so frustrating! You call me a kid but the actual kid is you. A 27 year old kid!!" Shane stared at Daniel dumbfounded before bursting out in laughter. Daniel soon joined him realizing how stupid both of them were. His friend threw an arm around his shoulder and tugged him close.

  "Here's your clothes Danny-poo. Just, please be careful okay. Don't hesitate to call me if you have any trouble. I mean it man." Daniel nodded and pat Shane's back.

  "Don't worry dude. But seriously, thanks." Daniel said giving his friend a warm smile.

  Shane pulled himself away and snorted. "Don't get all mushy on me. Now go get dressed and be the best doctor I know you will be!" He slapped Daniels back causing him to stumble forward.

  "Right. I'll see you after work. And please for the love of all and mighty don't get yourself in trouble. I don't wanna bail your a*s out of jail again." Instead of answering, Shane just threw his head back laughing. "I mean it Shane!" Daniel watched in defeat as the other man flipped him off before heading to the door. "And don't think I forgot about you eating my chocolate muffin damnit!!" The door finally shut and he was left alone in silence. Shaking his head, Daniel grabbed some paper towels and started to wipe down his thighs and crotch. "Alright Daniel, lets go out there, do some surgeries, makes some money and lets do it with confidence!" He shouted, throwing the coffee soaked towels in the trash and reached for his clothes. Today was going to be a good day and his boss won't even ruin it.
  Daniel sighed as he finally stepped out of the operating room. "Nice work Doctor. It's 1:35, waaay past your lunch time, but I heard someone is looking for you!" He turned his head to see one of the nurses, Sara walking towards him. "I think he's been here for over an hour at least. He's a good friend, you're lucky to have him," she said softly giving him a warm smile.

  "Yeah, Shane is a good friend. Annoying, god yes, but still a good friend," Daniel chuckled. He pat Sara on the back and shot her a smile back. "I guess I should go to him before he causes anymore trouble, because come on, this is Shane we're talking about." Sara let out a laugh, rolling her eyes.

  "Well you better hurry! I'm pretty sure he was about to play Bingo with the elderly group," she stated before walking away, holding in another laugh as she had Daniel cuss.

  "I swear to god I'm going to kill him if he gets me fired!" Daniel started to walk as fast as he could towards the cafeteria. A bunch of scenarios were running through his head of what could go wrong if he didn't hurry. Once he reached his destination, the sight of Shane jumping up and down and the very not amused old people around him made Daniel wanna cry. "Shane!!" He shouted, quickly rushing over and grabbing his friend by the collar of his shirt. "Hi everyone, sorry for any disturbance my friend may have caused. Now if you excuse me," Daniel smiled at the group of elder before turning to glare at Shane. "I swear to god Shane utter one more word and I will personally burn your limited edition Pokémon cards." Shane gasped dramatically, putting a hand over his heart.

  "You wouldn't," Daniel gave him a smug look.

  "Don't test me you oversized d****e muffin." Shane glared down at him. "Speaking of muffins, you owe me for the one you f*****g gobbled up last night." Daniel stated, dragging his friend away to an empty table.

  "I'll have you know, from the bottom of my heart, I bought you a muffin you s**t. But clearly-!" Shane was cut off when Daniel slammed a hand over his mouth.

  "I'm sorry! I won't burn your cards but please give me the muffin!" He yelled in desperation. He really needed that damn muffin and Shane will not stop him.

  "Fine, fine. I guess." Shane set a bag in front of his friend, whom quickly started pulling things out. Daniels eyes landed on the muffin and he quickly grabbed it.

  "Thank you so much dude. You're the best," he whispered, eyes never leaving the glorious muffin. He took a bite and moaned as the flavor touched his tongue. "This is really good," he said, crumbs falling out of his mouth as he spoke.

  "I bet it's good, you're practically having a food-gasam over there." Shane teased. Daniel just threw him a playful glare but went back to eating his muffin. "You know, you have to eat something other than the muffin. It's not healthy and don't think I know about you losing weight man. You always help everyone around you, but barely help yourself." Daniel sighed.

  "I'm a doctor. I help people before myself. Is that so bad?"

  "Yes, dude! You're one of the best doctor who can perform so many surgeries! And if you don't take of yourself, this hospital will legit fall apart." Shane exclaimed.

  "Well I guess it's a good thing I have you to help remind me to eat or sleep or just whatever." Daniel said putting his muffin down. They've been friends for a long time now, and Shane has always seen him as a little brother. So he would help Daniel by making sure he eats and get some decent sleep. Without him, he would be a mess.

  "I might not always be there for you man. What if I like, get kidnapped or something?" Shane said. Daniel just looked at his friend in disbelief.

  "Well don't get kidnapped idiot!" He snorted and grabbed the bag and looked inside. "Aww you made me a salad. And you even added bacon," he gasped and immediately started to dig in. Shane just shook his head fondly and watched how fast Daniel devoured the food. There was a loud beep from the speakers up above, causing both men to jump.

  "Doctor Abano, you are needed in the Surgical Department. Doctor Abano you are needed in the Surgical Department." The speakers went silent. Daniel let out a sigh and stood up.

  "Duty calls! I'll see you back at home. I'll probably be back late so don't wait up for me. Thanks for the food buddy!" Shane waved at his friend and sighed.

  "He's gonna work himself to death I swear!" He looked down at the table. There, sat a half eaten muffin. He looked around the cafeteria before quickly snatching the muffin. "Can't waste this deliciousness."

© 2019 Kenzie

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