A wish in futility

A wish in futility

A Poem by Kevin Andros

The message is clear.


I got my pen and opened a letter,

to send you a birthday wish,

but after a while, hours and days,

I was staring at an empty page.


I wanted this day to be specially special,

so special that I lost all my words,

and then I realized, my vocabulary's tight,

so I went for search of another.


The opinion of another, words of someone great,

Which will at least symbolize,

This tiny little treat.


I walked and went to the ocean and asked him,

“Can you help me with words for her wish?

Can you help me write?”


The ocean roared and said, "Fear not my child,

Do not fear the tempest.

As it is only the end of a new beginning,

and beginning of an end".


Walking away I thought, 

what else did I have to go on?

And then I realized, I had this thought all night,

So I walked up to the glowing sun.


I asked the sun and said,

What keeps you burning all the time?

In pain for all eternity, yet you burn to light up our world?

Can you help me with words?


The sun smiled and said, 

"Do not fear the heat my boy,

which always brings you joy!

I burn, yet the pain of this,

is nothing, when I see your bliss!


Every time you smile, you make my day,

As I remember the billion smiles today,

As it burns and pains, I remember the smiles that are made"


Confused by the sun, I strolled back,

but met the moon on the way,

Thrilled by the sudden thought I stopped,

to ask the moon and said,

"We all know you as the sign of love,

People say that all the time,

But I don't know, even with all the scars,

Why do you rhyme with love ?


The moon turned and smiled at me,

"Don't see what you always wanted to see,

True I have many scars, and have no light of my own,

But this just means that I have lived!


There is no perfect life, 

if it is, that is a lie,

Because you will get hurt, boy you will hurt,

And will show on your face, Just like mine,

but in the end, love is divine"


Getting no straight answer from the great ones,

I hung my head in dejection,

walked back into my hallucination.


It was dark, black and night,

Couldn't have known what is wrong or right.

yet I could see, the path lay before me,

and looked around in blinking starlight.


With hope again in my heart I asked,

You tell me stars, why do you keep shining so,

even though you are so small?

Why keep coming, night after night,

when you know, no one even notices your light.


The stars sang in unison,

"We are not here for light,

but for what is right,

We are the path, marking your way,

So that you don't stray,

And when all in gone and nothing is in your sight,

We will always be your guiding light"


With hope again I returned,

To finish what I started,

I still have not found words enough,

To wish you a happy birthday.


But I know now what I want to say,

At least I want to try,

Even though the words are limited,

I will give it a try.


I remember the vast ocean,

I remember the burning sun,

I remember the shining moon,

I remember the twinkling stars,


The Tempest is metaphoric,

Only the limitless horizon,

I know, but can't see,

the size of your heart,


The light that you provide,

when you keep burning inside,

just to see me smile,

is something I can't define,


The perfect life is a lie,


- I learnt this from the Moon -


The perfect life is a lie,

life is full of struggle, deceit and lies,

Yet when you find hope inside,

makes you shine with light.


And even though we are small,

We don't even matter,

but as long as we stay together,

We will be the world to each other.


With these few words, I believe,

I can only say, A very Happy birthday!


There's only more of life and lies,

and tears and deceit, 

but there's also hope, Love and belief.


Where there's me there's you,

and there's me and you,

Me and you and you and me,

Singing a very Happy birthday!

© 2016 Kevin Andros

Author's Note

Kevin Andros
I have not followed any pattern, nor I have focused on the rhymes. I just wanted to wish my wife a very happy birthday. Tell me what you think of this erratic style of wish.

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Speaking from the heart to a loved one is always beautiful and sharing this on WC is a beautiful way to share the love you have for your wife. I can't see any negatives in that.

Posted 3 Years Ago

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Added on September 2, 2016
Last Updated on September 29, 2016
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Kevin Andros
Kevin Andros

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