Cold and Alone

Cold and Alone

A Poem by Key The bard

Have you ever felt alone? have you ever wished just to go insain.... just let go and snap.... he has.





cold concrete floor.

cold concrete walls.

Unseeable black roof, making me feel deep deep in a hole.

Sounds of hollow foot steps from large boots bringing chills.

Echoing keys down an endless hallway just outside.

Clicking of a small padlock unnecessarily slow.

A beam of white light shooting across the room created by the sliding observation slit in the large steel door.

Eyes contract.


Scraping of metal plate, along a cold concrete floor.


Small food but food all the same.

Try to move.

Bones hurt, muscles hurt.

Chain scrapes along the floor behind me.

Chinking of links tightening there bond to me.

Cuff cuts into weak skin.

Out of reach.

Out of reach.

Echoing boots.

Silent sobs of a man given up.

A man lost.

A man hidden away for years.

Dieing slowly.

Unfortunate sanity prying for insanity.

But never getting.

Never getting.

cold concrete walls.

cold concrete floor.




© 2011 Key The bard

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I've been there man... cold hard, unforgiving, unrelenting.
You touched it!

Posted 9 Years Ago

one of my favs of yours. everything was so real and i felt like i was experiancing it. i think legacy pretty much covered everything

Posted 9 Years Ago

Key The bard,

The entire poem I envisioned a pirate prisoner, this is until just under the mid-section to where I started feeling a sense of Prison Break or death row. I was sucked into the darkness especially with the typeset.

It was almost as if I was staring into the eyes of this destitute man, hungering with him, skin torn and humiliated almost like an animal.

This poem did its job; it created visions of distress and painted the picture of captivity, no matter the time, place, or person.

Thank you for allowing us to visit with you here,


I would like to see this poem in Dark Secrets contest found on Poetic Infusion Society.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on July 25, 2011
Last Updated on July 25, 2011


Key The bard
Key The bard

Elizabeth, complacated.... mostly eastern philosophy , Australia

I have always liked writing, as a child I wrote all the time, just simple stories that I never really finished, but a little later I started to write songs. At 1st just spoof songs but I then started .. more..


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