My Mother

My Mother

A Poem by khalid

mother is the greatest




My mother;

You have always been there,

When no other body was.

You have been caring without waiting,

Me to promise,  I'm  only yours.


You taught me how to love.

You taught me how to live.

I could be a man because of you


Let me sit under your knees.

I would like to kiss your hands, to kiss your toes

But i know, you are too kind to do.

Then let me, kiss your forehead,

Appologizing for anything i did,

That ever annoyed you.


Sorry for every time, i went out,

Letting you worry and doubt

For what may have happened, to me

Sorry for every time i was that tough

Sorry for every time you were talking and i said "enough".

Sorry if i ever was a bad boy.


Mama, mum, mummy, mamma. Ommey, my mother ma mere;

I love that ( m) sound because of you, my dearest dear.

Because your prayers are my real saviour,

Because under your feet, lies the heaven


I promise to do my best,

To make you proud of me

But if i fail,please, forgive me

I know, as always, you will do

To make me always proud of it,

Being the son,

Of the greatest mom,

The world has ever known






© 2013 khalid

Author's Note

nothing can be ever said about mothers and their rights like that said by Prophet Mohamed(PBUH); If you kept standing up, for all your life long, holding your mother on your back, you would still have paid NOTHING of what you owe to her.

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I like every writing which is written for mother. This is no exception. Loved it. Well done.

Posted 4 Years Ago

May Allah keep safe and sane your mother. And may you always remain close and forgiving of one another. Thank you for sharing your poem with us. I enjoyed the empathetic, touching read.


Posted 6 Years Ago


6 Years Ago

thank you ; )
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Posted 8 Years Ago

Well...any mother would be moved to read your superb poem, but i am sure few mothers need to hear them, loving unconditionally as they do. Very thoughtful, sensitive. Enjoyed.

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

i appreciate you reading and reviewing..
first thing first,when i read the title the first thing that came in mind was the famous saying:"Heaven's lie in the mother's feet"..and that was already mentioned in your poem.Seriously this is one of my favourite poem...i liked it a lot
You taught me how to love.

You taught me how to live.

I could be a man because of you" reminded me of a song "Thank you mom"...
every child feels the same what you have mentioned over here and every child feeels that their mom is the BEST in the world...thanks for sharing this sublime poem with's great because of your love and the emotions which has enhanced it's magnificence !!

Posted 8 Years Ago

so intensly jotted, ! if 1 reads with a true heart cn even gt his eyes wet! gud wrk :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

i like the peom and the note even more;well penned :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

Your poem shows the love and compassion you have for your mother, which is very endearing! This was a pleasure to read. Thanks for sharing :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

You have captured many emotions in this one, and every one of them lands softly on my own heart....I have tears streaming from my eyes, and there are, simply, no words to capture how deeply this moves me.......I never knew the depths of a mother's love until her final breath, but even that was so powerful it was more than enough to erase the longing I had known through all of the years, and allow my heart to blossom in the sacred beauty only it alone can lend..........
Outstanding work dear one :)

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

i am really happy you liked it, and i am sorry if it awakened sleeping feelings in you.
Indeed, There is nobody like mama. but that saying is fading away.21st century mothers are not worth to be praised.They dont even breastfeed there babies,some abandon there babies,some throw them in pits.In ancient world there were no children homes but today you will find one in almost every town.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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