Syria's War

Syria's War

A Poem by khalid

if the killer knows the feelings of the killed, he would never think of killing him..



From the victim to the murderer in Syria

Kill me in cold blood

With your hands, let my blood be shed

But, my murderer..oh! my old friend!

Before I die, may I ask you for one last thing?

After you kill me, check my blood

Then while, I am dead,

And you are on my grave,

Crying, shivering and feeling regret.

Tell me then, how you found it

Isn’t it, Arab Syrian blood?

Isn’t it the same as..your own blood?


من المقتول إلى القاتل بسوريا:

اقتلني بكل دم بارد

وليتصدر الحدث عناوين الأخبار

ولتكن بالتلفا�™ صورنا أهم المشاهد

وليقولوا عنك أنك بطل مغوار

فليكن دمي المسال على يديك خير شاهد

عجبا, يا لسهولة اتخاذك للقرار!

أتقتلني لاختلاف بالعقائد والمذاهب؟

لقرون عشنا سويا  نراعي حق الجوار

أتذكر حين كنت لي خير جار وأع�™ صاحب؟

أنت لا تنصت لي

وأنا..لم يعد يهمني

هيا إذا.. أسفك دمي

لكن.. اعلم أنني..

لست الوحيد الخاسر

فدمك في عروقي يسري

 ولدم السوري.. في عروقنا واحد




© 2013 khalid

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we all know about violence and inhumane deeds in Syria, this is really heart drenching. i can relate to your pain buddy, god is with you ad all the brave hearts there.

Posted 4 Years Ago

Touched my heart I am so sorry for what your country is going through
I don't know what to say I wish there was another way other than the bloodshed the violence and the horror of this your point speaks well on this sad said subject I'm so sorry I pray for peace

Posted 7 Years Ago

Sad write, thoughtful subject, nice message, and wonderful write. I really like the last line.

Posted 7 Years Ago

beautiful sad poem....
war is always so terrible, horrible... in wars the ones that die are the innocents... I hate all wars... I which human kind was much more developed and not yet in this pres-historic state of killing each other and the Earth...

Posted 7 Years Ago

these are heinous acts someone can do to their own people. it is sad what is going on there. i believe that person (president? sorry, i don't know much details...) should be taken out or made to suffer in prison for the rest of their life. it is so cruel to kill innocent people who are of your own blood just out of the blue. your poem makes a profound statement.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Thank you for your thoughts on a important topic. I believe the Middle East is older and wiser. Don't need the USA to add to the confusion. I pray for peace and calm. Too many had died already. I wish the Arabic countries would gather as one and demand the USA and other world powers to leave the region alone. Oil and greed bring the devil to where the profit is. Thank you for the outstanding poetry.

Posted 7 Years Ago

This is really affective Mr.Khalid and In arabic it is really touching about that ugly senes in syria..
Well done

Posted 7 Years Ago

Very heavy poetry my friend, makes my heart hurt to read it and gave me chills, there is no sanctifying the reasons behind war....compelling read albeit ever so torturous. Well done.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Wow Khalid this piece is really nice.
As an Arab i truly understand how sad the situation is these days.
We tend to forget that we share the same blood.. thankyou for the reminder..

Posted 7 Years Ago

There is a different kind of wisdom in the last words of the soldier yearning for death here. Good job.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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A Poem by khalid

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A Poem by khalid

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A Poem by khalid

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