When Time Stood Still

When Time Stood Still

A Story by KelsHarb

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you went back in time, and only had your clothes and your phone to link you back to where you came from? Well this is exactly where Lennon finds herself.

Chapter 1

In a girls life there are certain people you look up to. A teacher, a close friend, that one celebrity you swear you are going to be like one day, but for me it has always been my dad. I never knew how hard it would be if one day your idol was ripped off their pedestal. How blindsided you would be to hear the news that your hero is gone forever and there is nothing you can do about it. Knowing that he would no longer be there to listen to the stories of your day, that he's never going to be able to walk you down the isle the day of your wedding, never to be able to hold his grandchildren in his lap, never going to be there as a shoulder to cry on when the stress of life is getting too much, and never hearing the fatherly advice you so desperately need to hear some days. It’s hard to believe that in only minutes your whole world can turn upside down.
They warned us about going outside since the wreck was so close to home, but I didn’t listen to the words they said. I bolted to the front door knocking people out of the way. I had to see what happened. I clearly remember thinking when the sight of the crash first reached my eyes. Seeing the car pretzeled around the lamp post at the edge of the street made me wish I had listened. Feeling the pain and heartbreak overtaking my every thought and feeling I had in my body, it was completely and utterly unbearable. I remember crumbling to my knees, "It's not real. This can't be true”, I said in between sobs ravaging through me, “ He was only one turn away from being on our street, to be safe at home, with us, with family.” I wasn’t the only one affected by the sudden tragedy of my father’s death, my brother Jax, and my mother were also just as devastated as I was.
I remember glancing up through the tears that were still welding up in my eyes and seeing my mom straining against the first responders holding her back. It dawned on me then that not only has she lost her husband but she had just lost her best friend, her protector, her confider, the father to her children, but most of all the love of her life. The thought of it wrenched and pulled at my already broken, beaten up heart. I wanted to go run to her, throw my arms around her neck and tell her it would be alright, but I couldn’t. I was frozen, sitting on top of my legs. Numb to anything my brain was trying to tell me. That is when I saw my brother. He just sat on the ground, staring straight ahead with a look of unbelief on his face as streams of tears flowed down his face one after the other. My legs finally gave way to me and I half-ran half- stumbled across the yard towards him.
As I reached him I sat beside him. His voice was thick with emotion as I barely heard him say above a whisper, “I just can’t believe it. I’m still trying to tell my self it’s not real. That dad isn’t actually go-“, and in that moment he broke down in tears, letting the agony of the situation overtake him.

That day is one I never wish to ever experience again, but as fate would have it that would not be the case for me.

© 2016 KelsHarb

Author's Note

Would love to know your overall impression! Any feedback is welcomed! I have the rest of the story mapped out and I would like to know if I should keep writing the story. Thank you :)

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This really happened to me . It was the day I saw my brother crying , he is such a strong person , it is the one and only day I have seen him crying . Emotions were written clearly and expressed well . Good work kels :)

Posted 4 Years Ago

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Added on September 28, 2016
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