another spirit written poem

another spirit written poem

A Poem by khatoon hazara

its so nice to post again....

"Co-Conscious >> Spirit Guided Writing"


the star-seed is one of the rarest 
forms of human incarnation.. i am here to 
affirm my constellation with your solar stars.

among your many planets, earth has 
been curiously quiet; so loud, yet so still all 
at once. my desires have no intentions of getting 
lost in the sea of humanity. i did that once but... alas ..
it was all for naught as the breeze blew typhoons across 
my bare chest, causing it to concave and crush beneath such 
human pressure. a pressure my human side didn’t have enough 
experience to withhold- i wasn’t going to nearly break my own 
back carrying the weight of something unknown to me, so i 
breathed and sighed and paused then stopped and took 
a giant leap backwards examine once again the loose 
floorboards beneath my feet. i had some control 
but the entirety escaped me.

this family that i’ve been graced with, their core values 
and intuitive stances, their cultural dances and practices,
 i find it very restricting and to God i hold no grudges just... 
questions, and right when i think them up they’re instantly 
answered. i notice that Our parents are the soil and we are 
the plants that grow into something very different than where 
we came from. i notice that with their opinions, ours change,
 except for those unwilling to show face and have a mind that 
they chase and acknowledge gods gift in knowledge and curiosity 
and knowing that it comes from God and God alone. i don’t resent 
the power plays and the cards that they lay out in just... astonished
. i no longer can be surprised, forming my own opinions and 
sentences has brought me far above that far from them i will 
stay rising. i’m not one of your kind, i do not have the same 
mind, i just have a sense of self and self respect is 
everything to me.

you can respect your parents but i am getting off topic.

earth is interesting.

star seeds are vulnerable and bare and naked in truth.
 they were their secrets in their hair and all you have to 
do is comb through it and find out for yourself what they 
know. what data they’ve collected. intimacy is what we 
need. we need a safe space for us to feel human.
⁃ those that feed on lies and those that think in spies 
have broke out in the night of hives and don’t have 
the slightest idea where THEY came from

no, they don’t care. they just want to expand.
 they hunger for families they do not know and 
where it will go they don’t acknowledge the goal 
just that their kids have a hand to hold but what 
if that hand has held hands with the Devil?

i am not weak. i’m just slow. my
 star seed side is starving. my 
human side is obese.
 i have to step back again. disconnect again.
 i need to landscape the scope of realms 
and first and foremost i need to speak. i 
need to bleed. i need to write rapidly and 
tread quietly and be in places i’m not 
meant to. my muse is life itself and 
my fuel is almost running out.

my human side is rich.
my star-seed side is
 poorer than the ant 
that’s on the brink of 
dying in the middle of 
the desert. under the 
unforgiving sun. with nothing 
surrounding it. it’s just the 
ant and the hot hot sand.
and the ant is lucky to be alive. for now.

© 2020 khatoon hazara

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Added on January 23, 2020
Last Updated on January 23, 2020


khatoon hazara
khatoon hazara


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