The Memoir

The Memoir

A Chapter by shadow night

Looking back I could have prevent it. Turning left I kept looking down. It was still snowing. Passing more and more people I kept my heed down and covered. The city was bad during the day but at night for a human in one word is . . . well hell. Literally. I kept walking straight thinking about life, eventually turning right down an ally. About half way down I was stopped by two rough looking guys, who stood in my way.

"Well bunk. Look what came ours way."

"Ha ha ha. He looks all punkish an stuff. Us can take it Len.

Rolling my eyes I didn’t know where they had come from but apparently they were not very smart. I lowered my head even lower and started walking towards them. The taller of the two held out his hand and stopped me. "Where yea going lil bud?
Wes didn’t says yous could leave! Did wes Len?"

The short one chuckled then held out what appeared to be a dagger. "Let’s take his Money."

He swung his dagger at me but missed as I side stepped and smiled. Bunk looked pissed. He reeled back his massive fist and released. I slightly side stepped and stopped as his fist missed.

Len quickly swung his blade at me again but this time at my face. i grabbed the blade centimeters before it hit my face. Len and Bunk went wide eyed as Len drove the blade deeper and deeper into my hand but no blood shown.

I narrowed my eyes as i bent my knees. I jumped back as I landed I was still bent down. I let my left hand rest on the black top for what seemed like minutes.

Slowly I stood up. Putting my feet together i held my left hand out. "My turn. From deep inside of me lies a monster. Something humans fear and don’t understand." quickly my nails grew as my hair turned silver with red streaks here and there. I started to walk back towards the two strangers. "My name is pain and suffering. You can call me LYSERG the demon. Prepare your self!"

I stopped in front of Bunk. I snickered as i barred my fangs. I quickly punched him in his stomach. With astonishing speed I appeared in front of Len. Grabbing his face i lifted him off the ground as I threw him into the wall to my right. "My name don’t forget it as well as the fear and pain it brings!"

They two idiots got up and scurried away. As they round the corner a familiar energy left my body as my hair darkened and nails shortened. I wiped off my jacket as a small ball formed in front of me. First two orbs appeared inside the ball. Then two pupils in side the orbs along with a bunch of dark spots. Then two long ears that bent backwards then downwards. Its mouth formed like a cats almost with two teeth hanging out and a little cat like nose.

"Did you really need to scare them like that I mean really? That was real mean."

"Yah yah yah. Got it little guy. it was there fault for doing what they did. I just had a little fun. not my fault."

"But people like you give demons a bad name. Not all demons kill people or drink blood. . .

"Hey Hao i said nothing about drinking blood. That’s something humans use to stereo type demons. Not my fault."

"Well they don’t need you adding things to what humans think they do but they really don’t do."

"Ok Hao I’ll be much nicer and not "lie" ok. You happy now?"

"Yes. Yes i am. Now we have to get home before it gets late tomorrow is Angel’s birthday. Remember."

"Oh crap that’s right let’s go ... before we are stopped by more dumb idiots."

With that Hao disappeared and i went on down the ally. Minutes later i was in front of a small house. I walked up the front steps and opened the door. See no one can open my door unless i say so. And only i can. Walking in i let my thoughts of the outside leave. i took my jacket off and hung it on the coat rack. i walked further into my house. i walked into my kitchen. i went to the fridge and grabbed a red soda out and opened it taking a drink i went to the living room. i sat down onto the couch and sighed. I propped my feet onto the coffee table and sat my soda onto the end table on my left. Grabbing the TV. remote i turned the news on.

The weather lady said it was suppose to be sunny. And then the news anchors came on next and talked. Mainly about theft, a couple deaths, a few accidents. But then the female anchor caught my attention.

"Four Hikaru high school students died to night. Not much is known except that each died by loss of blood and missing hearts. The four students where found at the Bax love bridge. They were found washed up on shore by a couple of fisher men. When we find more out we will happily give you all details on the issue."

Turning the TV off i grabbed my soda and went to the main hall and went up the stairs. I landed on the second floor and went to the last room on the left. The door had ruins sketched into the wood around it. I opened the door and walked in. the room was decorated with different colored candles and incents. A bed was to the far right and besides all the seals hanging on the walls the room was bare. A lot of the candles sat on the floor or my dresser. i slowly walked to my bed. My bed was just a small sofa that faced a flat screen TV. that hung on the wall. i held out my index finger as i concentrated a small flame appeared. i moved it close to a couple of incents. Lighting five of them, the flame disappeared. The smell of roses, dragon’s baine, sage and the sea filled the air. I slowly fell into a deep luring sleep.

My dream was weird. I was running. No not me but someone else i was in someone else body. They were running from something... i felt every thing this person felt. They were scared and worried. Finally they looked back. A person was chasing them. The person looked different though. It was a girl but she had weird marks all over her arms. she had a tank top on the straps was black but the top was colored in but curved towards her left side and went down her side to the bottom and curved to her right all the way around her bottom. Her right side had no color on it except at the bottom. She had weird pants on, her belt curved down from her left to her right. And on her thighs she had two bands both with a weird pattern but each was flipped different than the other.

She was chasing the person for what seamed like hours until they fell. She loomed over them like a lion about to kill its prey.

"It’s time to die Angel. Say your prayers." when she finished she brought down her arm. i woke up sweating. Scared was i angel in my dream. No. no i couldn’t have been. Unless i was having a vision.

Putting the thought out of my head i left my room. I have never had visions before. So i really don’t think i had one. As i went down the stair i felt a draft. Once i got to the bottom of the stairs i realize where the draft was coming from. The front door. It was opened. Did i leave it opened? I didn’t think i did. I slowly walked over to the door, slowly shutting the door i felt another draft. I locked the door and walked away from it. Why my door was open was . . . did someone break in? No the door didn’t look like some one had done so. Maybe a jinx or charm. But i don’t think they used tools. I looked in my living room and saw nothing. Nothing was moved or touched at that . . . or at least it looked like it. I moved to the kitchen next. The lights were out. Some one had broken in. I left the lights on i knew that much. I held my right hand out. Focusing all my manna into the palm of my hand a small flame appeared.

Looking around the kitchen i noticed the sink was dripping. I never used the sink earlier. I moved over to it. i turned the hot water side and it stopped dripping. I moved to the pantry i opened it slowly. This is the only place someone could hide if they were in here. Slowly the door opened. As i moved a little further into the door way something dashed past me. I quickly threw the fire in my hand at it. The fireball missed and hit the door to the living room.

"Have to be quicker than that little kid." the voice was strange and weird. But yet it was very familiar.

"Ha. Yeah right. I can take you out. Oh and I’m not a little kid."

I held my hand out as purple sparks started to serge around my hand and part of my arm. I threw my arm outward. The sparks shot forward and started rapidly dividing while there was sparks still surging around my hand. A couple of the sparks hit the person which sent the person flying backwards.

"How’s that for a shock? I can crank it up a notch if you please." ok i know the last part was cheese but i wasn’t concerned about it being that way but instead about my self. "So why did you break in here?!"

The person snickered a little then stopped as they released i didn’t know who they were. "Oh you’re series. Ha ha ha. That’s great oh wow. Your such a ... an idiot! You can’t remember me! Me you’re ... never mind. If you can’t even remember me then i will well let’s say you will only remember this. And that’s It." she stared at me. I could feel something in the air.

Something moved behind me and gently touched me. I turned around but no one was there. I felt it again but beside me and behind me. Then i felt it all around me. It was like a thousand tortured souls tugging and pulling at me. Slowly every thing began to blur. She started walking towards me and laughed. “Well your not as strong as i thought now are you little Kyros.” she started laughing again and walked away. Who was she and why did she call me Kryos? Then every thing disappeared.


© 2011 shadow night

Author's Note

shadow night
this is the first i hope you like it. olz comment

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yes please repost all of the chapters...really cool and I love manga and anime..just learning about it...

Posted 9 Years Ago

I like this a lot!

Posted 10 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

not bad

Posted 10 Years Ago

thank you haha i had chnged the name from Fin to Kyros thanks for noticeing lol.

Posted 10 Years Ago

its not bad but dose need a little work on one part u said " why did she call me Kryos" i dont think you put a part in when she called you kryos......... sorry

Posted 10 Years Ago

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shadow night
shadow night

mansfield, OH

i'm 18 and so young yet i am disgusted with humanity. i hope that future generations can make the world better. i belive we should treat the earth better and not kill each othere for the dumbest thing.. more..

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