A Poem by kij143

Velvet touch and scarlet red,

alive and well, yet somehow dead.

Here you lie far away sheltered by the dark,

With everything you'd ever need, but denying such a spark.

For a spark would set an explosion, to people who live in lack of light.

People who could never see, and thus could never fight.


The drapes of velvet are scarlet red, and cling upon the wall.

The seats bear upon a golden edge, and strike envy in us all.

Your jewles are merely jewles, they posses but a mere glow,

You have everything and still want more, but why you do not know.


Yet in your eyes there's never a glitter, shine, nore gleam.

Unless it's tears that fall and create a gentle stream.

Some would render you a fool, for letting all this go,

But if they were in your posistion, perhaps then they would know:


That having everything you need, while remaining dead amongst the dark,

Is far worse off than having nothing, and yet being drivin by a spark.<3

© 2010 kij143

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With a little spark big things can begin. I like this poem a lot.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on August 30, 2010
Last Updated on August 30, 2010



hi(: well, I, obviously, love poetry, and I like talking to poeple and I love school, and french class, and I like to run, and bake, icecream and texting (: more..