One Day,

One Day,

A Story by kij143

One Day is a short story, I was trying to practice using descriptive language, and it turned into something(:


    The trees swayed ever so gently, as the wind carressed my cheek. I glanced over towards the beach, where the waves lapped the shore, where they retreat, then attack, and devour once more. I noticed the setting sun mingling with the sky, so as the warmth of the colors tinge it's blue, slowly coercing it to change it's shade.

   A laughter errupted from behind me, and startled I jumped. I pivoted on my heels, and turned to see the figure of whom I had been awaiting. His alluring smile and captivating voice keep me raptured within his tale. We walked so close to the shore so as the water teased my feet by lightly tapping them, and then sneaking off once more. We walked on with my hands tightly placed in my favorite faded jeans.

    He turns to me, and asks me if I am excited for school to be starting so swiftly. I noded my head and smiled. Though, I announced of my meloncholy regaurding my depature with my love, the summer. He laughed and I nodded my head dismissivly, so he can continue with his stories of the summer.  I am eager to hear his words, his voice sweetly filling my ears.

    Suddenly he stoped, and stood in front of me. I looked up and giggled; has he always been this  much taller than I? He announced his departure, and though understoodly inevitable, it still renders my control of my tears useless, as our embrace ends, and we venture seperate ways.

    Some odd 50 yards or so away, I turn and watch the figure walk away beyond my view.  I sigh solemly, but keep walking on regaurdless. I stick my hands in the pockets of my favorite faded jeans, as I smile faintly. One day, I tell myself as my smile becomes more day.

© 2010 kij143

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beautifully described. nice imagery. i like it !
the ending really spoke to me; just the hopefullness and all :)
try to stick to one tense next time though ;)

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on November 8, 2010
Last Updated on November 8, 2010



hi(: well, I, obviously, love poetry, and I like talking to poeple and I love school, and french class, and I like to run, and bake, icecream and texting (: more..