Ma Grandmere de la Mort

Ma Grandmere de la Mort

A Story by kij143

This was an essay I wrote for english class, about something that changed me over the summer.


Ma Grandmére de la Mort

7-21-10   “I’m sorry for your loss,” Their voices are soft, filled with compassion, but their eyes are cold and eager to be rid of this task as quickly as they can. Their voices send chills to my heart; I wince and nod my head dismissively. I looked down and began fidgeting with my bracelet, when my mother sharply scolded me “Stand up straight…more people are coming.”  This lady looked me straight in the eye, who is she? Who are all these people? “I’m sorry to hear of…” Her voice faded into nothing more than a mere quiver as my eyes flickered throughout the room, past the priest, and past the solemn look perched upon everyone’s’ faces, as tears swelled in my heart, but I would never dare let slip from my eyes,  I glance over  towards My grandmére;  towards her casket.

            Where was I last week, why wasn’t I at the hospital with her? My mind raced as I tried to remember what happened last week. My mind wandered off to last week in my house, as I looked up towards another person approaching.

            7-14-10 “Oh my goddess!” I shouted into the phone “They cannot seriously be getting back together, like no way!”   “Yea-huh,” Jamie chimed into the phone “I know it for a fact, I saw it on Facebook.”  She stated. “Un minuet, let me sign on…I’ll call you back later,” I grumbled into the phone. I stormed over towards my computer how could this have happened? UGH. This like, ruined my week. My papa walked into the room as I was key boarding fiercely; I didn’t even look up from the screen. “Hey,” He began “have you talked to your mom or sisters today?” My sisters? I looked up from the computer I hadn’t even noticed they were gone… “No…” I replied “why?”   “I don’t know,” He began, “Your grandmother’s sick in the hospital or something like that. I don’t know; I’d give your sisters a call.”  Hesitantly, I drifted away from the computer screen, and reached for my phone. I went into my chambre, my room, and shut the door behind me. Minutes later I reemerged from my chambre “so what’s up?” My papa asked,   “Umm…”  I began, Grand-mére…She’s in extensive surgery, and Maman said that she has a blood clot, and a bunch of her organs started failing, because of her lack of circulation, I think that’s what she said.”  “ Oh well, make sure your Phone’s on; Keep in touch.”  And then he walked out of the House.  I made my way back to the computer and started typing “Omigosh Justin, you will never believe what I…” 

            7-16-10 “O-Kay, so I heard that Julia is going to break up with Jesse.” Jamie stated over the phone, Matter �"of- factly, awaiting my squeal of joy. “No way!” I shouted back “mais….but how do you know? Oh wait, eh…  I’m getting another call; I’ll have to call you back.”  I Hung up on Jamie, then answered the phone “Allo?”  And my sister Stacey replied her voice but a sliver of its normal volume “Katie…Nana didn’t make it…she passed early this morning…I though you should know,” There was a silence that ensued, for but mere moments, however they dragged on in my heart. “O-Kay…” I finally said “When can I get to mom’s house, and is there anything anyone needs me to do before I get there?”

7-21-10-   “Katie...Katie!” Maman nudged me and I looked up “Huh..? What’s going on?” I asked “We’re going to the Limo; they’re driving us to the grave yard” she answered.  Everyone leaved, and my family and I headed out to the limousine.  I sat by the window, and watched as the houses passed by. She was always there when I needed her, but where was I when she needed me?  Memories began choking my mind.  I remember when I was in kindergarten, every day after school I would get dropped off at my grandmaman’s house. I can remember walking in the grass in the yard, staring at the little shed in the back, daring myself to venture close enough to see the contents that lie inside, but the buzz of the bees would always scare me away.  I can smell the musty smell in the attic, seemingly filled with hollows; I would run up the stairs, get frightened and run back down the stairs. I can remember my Grandmaman  watching soap operas, and us painting our toe nails together, the same dark red every time. Though I saw her when I was younger...where was she, when I was growing up? I thought that she never liked me very much. Though, I can recall last summer, I lived with my Maman and her boyfriend. They got into a fight, and he kicked us out of his house; my dad was on vacation, and we had nowhere to go, so we went to my grandmaman’s house.  I recall silently sitting on her couch with my journal writing and doodling, and my Grandmaman was sitting on her couch, watching her soaps. She turns to me “Wanna play I spy?”  She never looked happy, I rarely saw her smile, and I thought she just didn’t like me. One time, I went into her kitchen to go get a glass of milk, and I ran into my Maman and Grandmaman having a conversation. I heard what my Grandmaman said “Michael knows that I will die before I let these kids end up on the street.”    “We’re here.” My Maman said.  We got out of the car, and stood by a hole in the ground.  The preacher said something I didn’t pay attention to, and then we were all told to go home. I looked back at her casket one final time I’m sorry... and the funeral came to a conclusion.  My family is more important than my drama. It’s not right...I should have put my family first, and I didn’t. I took everything that my grandmaman did for me for granted, I wish that ...I could have gotten to know her better, I wish that I spent more time with her, I wish that I didn’t have to wish for anything.

7/22/10            “oh!” I exclaimed as my phone vibrated in my pocket. I scrambled to fish it out. I fumbled with the key pad. “Allo?”  I answered.  “Hi, it’s Jamie, Guess what happened yesterday?”  She asked “Um...I don’t know. What?”  I asked back not really caring.  “Julia and Jesse! They broke up yesterday!”  “Oh,” I replied “Is that so?”  “Yea, have you been on facebook?” she asked. “No. why? Why do I care if they’re together or not? It’s not really any of my concern.”  I laughed at myself.  That was my biggest concern, wasn’t it?  “I’m sorry,” I said “I’m a little busy right now; I think I’m going to give my maman a call. I’ll talk to you later” 

© 2010 kij143

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A very good story. Sometime take something bad for us to learn what is important. Your grandmother sound like a very good woman. I was raised by Grandparent. They said the same thing the grandma in the story said. The kids won't live in the street. A sad and powerful story. Thank you for sharing.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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hi(: well, I, obviously, love poetry, and I like talking to poeple and I love school, and french class, and I like to run, and bake, icecream and texting (: more..