Its not Ideal Chapter 4

Its not Ideal Chapter 4

A Chapter by TheShAdE

The Dr. just dropped a bomb! how will Paloma act


Its not I deal Chapter 4

by ~Yuna-is-loveless

It always pissed me off when those girls in movies froze in front of the car or, just sat there while the axe murderer advanced to hack them to bits. Unfortunately I could process an axe murderer better than Stevenson's last statement.

Yessssssss! My inner voice cheered. Now you can play doctor for real!

"No." I griped back at it. "Now he's going to need a doctor! Good thing we're at a hospital".

When I came out of my shocked state Stevenson had left and, judging by the lack of reverberating footsteps, he had done so a while ago. 
Well that's rude! He invites us over for some sexy time then, leaves us high and dry.

I ignored my delusional half and looked gazed at my surroundings. 
Was there a law that stated all hospitals should look the same? All the white was starting to give me a headache. The lights above buzzed faintly as I realized the nurse's station was to my right and my head could just peak over the top of it if I stretched my neck enough. Now you'd think that a hospital would be more organized but, this wasn't the case for these nurses. Papers were strewn about in every color of the rainbow and someone's unfinished lunch seemed to be having an unholy union with a broken stapler. A lone nurse sat at the computer playing solitaire instead of working.  

"At least it's not white". I said shrugging. Unlike the blaring walls that seemed to grow brighter by the minuet. 

"Excuse me miss". I heard a low tenor voice and looked up from the papers to see a man standing at the station with a bouquet of roses.

I hate roses.

That's because no one ever give's you any!

"You're lucky I can't punch you". I whispered to myself as the large and, clearly not young, nurse turned to address the man.

He couldn't have been more than twenty five and had dusty brown hair with Ice blue eyes that popped against his black tee. 

The nurse, obviously upset that he had interrupted her important lifesaving work, replied with an irritated "what"? 

The man smiled showing unbelievably white teeth and, that's all I could take. 

"There is too much white here"! I grumbled angrily under my breath and began trying to wheel myself away but ended up wrestling and scratching at the unyielding wheels.

This is just sad Jean.

"Hey shut up!"  I growled "I'd like to see you do any better oh wait, that's right you are me! So Zip it"! 

Well for starters I'd release the break.

I paused for a moment then looked down to see the break release next to the wheel and almost beat my head into the wall.

Its ok it happens to everyone

"I'm not talking to you". I thought back angrily as I pulled the break down and began to wheel myself down the hall.

The man was too busy thanking the woman at the desk to notice me rolling across the hall. I went down the hall and followed the signs to the front lobby entrance where I knew the handy cap exit was. 

When I burst out into the daylight I felt relieved until I realized my eyes stung. 

"Ouch"! "Son of a ...;"! I was interrupted before I could finish the statement.

"There you are Ms. Stark. I was beginning to wonder how long you would take you to find your way out".

I rubbed my eyes and shaded them with my hands to be presented with the image of Dr. Stevenson leaning against a black SUV with his arms crossed in that irritating manner. 

"Wait so you're telling me that you left me inside and just waited out here while I tried to find my way out"? I said through gritted teeth.

"Well you looked quite preoccupied and it would have been rude of me to interrupt your, clearly internal, repartee".

I calmly placed my hands on my wheels and then pressed forward as quickly as possible. I would have hit him if he hadn't move fluidly to the side and grabbed my chair.

"Down girl"! He said trying to pat me on the top of the head while I dodged and glared daggers at him.

Yes master! Can I have a treat please!

"I hate you". I said to both him and myself as I crossed my arms and huffed angrily.
Dr. Stevenson gave another one of his chuckles before opening his car door and pushing the seat back.

"I'm not getting in there with you". I said coldly as he reached over to set my wheelchairs brake.

"Well if you can find another place to go be my guess oh and your apartments been resold". He stated flatly as he crossed his arms once more and stared at me.

Just give in and let Dr. Love show us his private practice!

I glared at him and tried to formulate a plan, any plan to get me out of this when the feeling returned. I felt myself stiffen and my fingers clenched the chairs armrests tightly.

I nodded once curtly and said "Fine just hurry up and get it over with".
Dr. Stevenson stared at me for a moment with a mixture of satisfaction and was that... worry? 

I didn't have time to decipher it further because it became a sly smile as he hoisted me up out of the chair and slid me into the seat.

"You better be a better driver than you are a therapist". I said annoyed with the situation and the hunk of man flesh placing the wheelchair in the trunk.

"Well it's not too hard to be better at it than you now is it Ms. Stark" he said as he hopped into the driver's seat and started the engine.

Ooohhh burn!

"Shut up he's talking about you too"! I yelled inwardly as we pulled out of the hospital. 

I fiddled with the seat adjustments as I began to rant. "Who the hell needs to drive a tank daily anyway? If everyone converted to hybrids accident wouldn't be as catastrophic!" 

I paused my thoughts as I felt the seat warm up beneath me.

Hell yeah a warm a*s is a happy a*s!

"For once I agree with you" I thought back as the seat heated up.

"Where was I"?

"I believe the woman who drives a tank like van was talking about how lucky she was to be alive".  Dr. Stevenson said sardonically as he pulled onto the freeway.

"Please! When I get my hands on that driver"! I said angrily as I envisioned a water logging session.

Well look whose getting freaky now!

"Can't anything be innocently homicidal with you"!  I thought back sternly as Dr. Stevenson finished saying something.

"What was that?"

"I said that would be impossible." He paused for a moment then continued

"The other person didn't make it."

"What". I said shocked.
Then for one brief moment, me myself and I, shut up.

© 2012 TheShAdE

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