It's not Ideal chapter 5 part 1

It's not Ideal chapter 5 part 1

A Chapter by TheShAdE

the Dr. take Paloma home


Everything slowed down and my hands were once again gripping the steering wheel furiously as I turned out onto the road.

The SUV slowed momentarily as the woman driving it reflexively hit the brake with her dark brown eyes reflecting her surprise well, at least until they locked with mine.  Suddenly they switched to determination and the car lurched forward as if she had pressed on the gas plowing her car into mine and sending my van towards the divider while I attempted fruitlessly to brake as the van impacted, the momentum causing it to flip into the air and spin, tossing me side to side as I smashed mercilessly against the door an steering wheel.

Glass shattered as the car made contact with the earth once more and danced around me as the van made one final smash against a tree before lurching in the opposite direction and coming to a halt with my forehead against the steering wheel causing the horn to blare out into the night.  

I flew awake gasping for breath and clutching my sheets tightly as a cold sweat covered my body.

It took a moment for my eyes to adjust to the low light and even longer for my brain to comprehend my surroundings.

This wasn’t my apartment because the furniture was too comfortable and it was far too quiet. Usually the Italian couple upstairs was either screaming and throwing things at each other or screaming for an entirely different reason.

Yeah that’s not really something I’m missing at the moment.

“I was at the hospital talking to Dr. Stevenson ant then….”

I could almost feel the light bulb illuminating above my head as I remembered where I was and then almost an instant later groaned unhappily.

After that awkward conversation inside his car I had remained silent until he turned off the main road onto a dirt path.

“Of course you would live down a dirt road and now were probably going to an old scary looking manor where you dismember your victims while there screams echo through the woods and no one can hear their cries of agony… It’s all a bit cliché if you ask me.” I said bored as he scoffed at my comment.

“It’s a good thing I don’t then isn’t it?” He said his grin widening

“You have a rather vivid imagination Ms. Stark and since I’m technically off the clock I won’t bring up that last statement in your weekly progress reports to the court.”

I’m vividly imagining plenty of things right now!

“Give it a rest will you!” I screamed internally as we pulled up to a large house with flat rooftops a large wooden porch and a four car garage.

The house had clearly been there for quite some time but it looked like it had been renovated recently as the roof and deck didn’t quite match the wooden exterior.

It’s like a Deckhouse and a log cabin had a very attractive baby!

I spent a few seconds trying to figure out what the hell a deck house was before Dr. Stevenson spoke.

“Well here we are. Let me get my hatchet… I mean your wheelchair out of the back.” The doctor said while I fumed quietly.

When he opened my door and offered me his hand I stared at it maliciously and left my hands where they were.

“I can do it myself thank you.” I said pointedly as I slid down the seat and gripped onto the door frame for support as I took an experimental step, not completely trusting my body to do as it was told.

“That’s it, come on girl.” Dr. Stevenson made a clicking sound and held his hand out, almost as if he was beckoning to a not entirely intelligent animal.

Do I get a cookie master?

“Okay that was just wrong even for you!” I thought internally as I shuffled forward and ignored his smartass comments while I sat in the chair and crossed my arms huffing indignantly.

“Well I was mistaken.” Stevenson said as he wheeled me up the drive towards the ramp that led onto the porch

I tried to resist, I really did but the lingering silence stretched out uncomfortably and I felt like an ant under a magnifying glass.

“About what?” I blurted, cursing myself as the sounds passed my lips.

I heard a warm chuckle spread out behind me and it caused goose bumps to form along my skin.  It was annoying to say the least that this man could get that kind of response from me.

“With all that huffing you sound more like a cat then a dog.” Stevenson grinned and stroked my head, running his fingers delicately through my hair before turning to unlock the door.

I didn’t flinch until his fingers had already left my hair and my mouth hung agape as he pushed me past the threshold into his home. My reaction time had been delayed because it took me a moment to process that he actually had the audacity to say such thing to me.

“What did you say!” I turned to glare at Stevenson only to have him shrug at me elegantly. 

It was as if no action this man preformed could be anything less than beautiful, and it pissed me off even more.

“I thought you’d be happy.” He added wheeling me into a moderately sized sitting room with hard wood flooring and dark brown leather couches. 

“I recall that you mentioned, during one of our sessions, that you didn’t like being called a b***h.”

“I’ll show you a b***h!” I said as I stood up suddenly and turned to face him angrily with my fists clenched. 

Dr. Stevenson didn’t look the least bit impressed with my bravado as he rested his chin on his thumb and placed 

his forefinger over his lips in an attempt to hide his smirk.

There are a few things I would like to show him when you’re done with that!  

I didn’t know who I was more pissed at in that moment. Dr. Douchbag or my increasingly concerning, sexually repressed, inner voice. I was absorbed in trying to figure out which one when Stevenson spoke.   

“Yes well I’ve dealt with enough dogs today so as tempting as your offer is Ms. Stark I will have to decline.” He stretched out his hands to grip my shoulders firmly to get my attention.

“I know that this is all very hard for you to process and I understand that you feel confused. With that in mind I need you to let me help you Ms.Stark,  you’re not on your own in this.” He said staring straight into my eyes intensely.

I was captivated and completely tongue tied… until a light bulb overhead burst and showered parks over us, snapping me out of it.

“I never asked for your help Dr. and frankly if I had any other options I wouldn’t be here right now. Don’t try and charm me with your empty sentiments when the truth is I don’t have a choice.” I challenged him with my gaze, shrugging off his hands as I returned to my chair.

 The doctors heavy eyes followed but he didn’t try to stop me as I rolled away from him through an archway that led to a sitting room but paused momentarily.

 “Oh and in case you didn’t notice, your light bulb is out.”


© 2013 TheShAdE

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