An empty closet

An empty closet

A Poem by TheShAdE

I was visiting a friend whose husband was overseas in the military and i was inspired when I saw their closet.

Why is this love so wicked
So wonderfully cruel,

Its a closet full of things
You had begged them to throw away that are now so precious you couldn't bare to part with them,

Its more than a feeling it becomes your entire being making you glow like a bioluminescent fish in the deepest parts of the ocean And yet,

can so easily in the next breath leave you adrift in the darkness lost even to yourself as you continue to weigh what you have gained and what you have lost but forgetting to remember what you have learned,

because its to painful to see that you knew the answer before the question was asked no you cant loose sight of something you never had but once you have it you're scared to realize how much it means

so you collect memories until your closet is packed so tight it's about to burst but instead of littering the floor when opened like some cosmic phenomenon your world becomes that room

every bit of the shy laughter, Those happy sighs or, those stolen kisses and sad goodbyes your rhyme and reason becomes those walls until in an instant,
something falls

Then as it began your world becomes dust and your life becomes the broom sweeping it up.

What's left isn't the dust once you manage to toss it but you, a broom, and an empty closet.

© 2014 TheShAdE

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Added on November 12, 2014
Last Updated on November 12, 2014
Tags: empty, closet, love, sad, longing, poem, free verse



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