Its not ideal chapter 3

Its not ideal chapter 3

A Chapter by TheShAdE

Palom wakes up with Dr.Stevenson beside her bed only, She's strapped down? Find out what happens next in this chapter of Its Not Ideal

The next few hours were a blur.
Because of my little “escape” attempt the doctors saw fit to have my movements restricted. So when I came to I found myself strapped down to in increasingly uncomfortable hospital bed, and not in a good way. 
Not only was being strapped down humiliating but it also left me vulnerable.
That’s what kept me struggling against the restraints and the fact that as long as I showed such behavior Dr. Stevenson would have to stay and evaluate my mental stability.
Good luck with that
“Shut up!”  I thought back “and damn these things chafe”
I started to struggle harder, ignoring the pain and causing my ink black hair to fall over my face obscuring my vision.
This was a tough balancing act. If I struggled too much he’d have me sedated and if I just sat there he’d leave me to the mercy of whoever that stalker with the knife was.
“There’s no need for that Ms. Stark” he said staring down at me, strong, muscular arms folded across his broad chest.
“Your right!”  I growled, still pressing my body uncomfortably against the restraints
 “So if you’ll untie me I’ll be happy to stop”
“I know even you’re not dumb enough to think that would actually work.” 

“Maybe I should have taken my chances with the happy slasher” I thought sardonically 

“At least he would have just killed me instead of driving me to the point of crazed suicide.”
I let up a little just to keep him interested.
As long as he’s here there isn’t a knife to my throat. I thought, not quite sure why I was so convinced I was in danger.
It’s not like I was an important person like a senator or a mafia boss so why was I so scared.
You do have a habit of pissing people off
“I don’t understand why I’m being restrained in the first place!” I yelled feeling my strength  start to give out a bit.
I took a break to catch my breath still huffing and making dissatisfied grunts.
“Let me go or I’ll tell all of your clients that you watch kiddie porn!” 
Dr. Stevenson quirked eyebrow up act me before crossing his arms and leaning back into the wall looking as cool as a cucumber.
“You’re not really in the position to be making threats Ms. Stark.  Let alone walk off after being in a coma for two months” 
I lowered my eyes glowering at him still too tired to continue struggling just yet.
“I am a tax paying, adult citizen of the united states! I can do whatever the hell I want!”
Instead of being dazzled by my patriotism he set his mouth in a firm line and said “No for the past few months you’ve been comatose, tax draining, patient in a hospital with a record of aggressive behavior who should be restrained before she causes harm to herself. “He stated plainly making my blood boil as I start to struggle once more, focusing on getting my hands free.  
I will wipe that smug, handsome look right off of his face if it’s the last thing I do.
He waited until I exhausted myself once were to speak.
“Now that you have gotten that out of your system we can distinguish your current mental stability.”
I huffed partly out of defiance, partly out of exhaustion and decided to ignore him as he began the question process.  
“So Ms. Stark how are you feeling right now?”
Pissed off
He raises eyebrows expectantly waiting for reply that didn’t come.  

When in doubt shut them out!  My inner voice chanted
Though he was still leaning casually against the wall I could see his mind shifting, effectively taking a mental note of my inaction.
It almost annoyed me as much as one he did it physically but I kept my face blank.
“Shutting me out isn’t going to make this go way.” He said persuasively.
“Yes let him help you” My inner voice added copying his tone.
“That hospital gown is so uncomfortable that he should help you out of it and then help him-self” it purred suggestively.
“Really? Is this the best time for that?” I thought, ignoring the Goosebumps that started creeping up my flesh at the thought. 
When I came back to reality Dr. Stevenson was staring at me with his own blank expression. 

Great! Now you’ve upset him! We’ll never get any!
“Shut up!” I thought angrily to myself as silence stretched out between us for a few minutes, both of us refusing to relinquish control.

You can’t do this forever 
“Says you!”  I thought to myself
I’ve lost count of how many times this method has saved me from conversations I didn’t want to have, except for those odd few who just think I’m a good listener, the thought almost made me shudder. 
“Though I suppose I shouldn’t have expected much more from someone with an IQ lower than an elementary schooler’s “
“That sonofabitch!” I nearly screamed, fighting to maintain my impassive stare.
“Speaking of school, however did you graduate?  Don’t they have a zero tolerance policy for violence?” He stated inquisitively lifting his brow and removing his glasses to place an end piece to his lips.
“ La la la la I’m not listening” I thought defiantly.  I almost made it until my eyes met the tip of those damned glasses, placed just so against his luscious lips. 
“Well there’s the straw that broke the camel’s back.” My inner voice warned as I leapt out of bed and threw all 132 pounds of me straight into him like a very pissed off, screeching cat. 
I didn’t mean you should literally throw yourself at him
My mistake became apparent about halfway through my crazed, rage filled leap as he leaned forward with an amused grin on his face and intercepted. We ended up against the wall with Dr.Stevenson wrapping his arms around me, pinning my arms to my sides as I struggled feebly against his strong hold.

So much better than the hospital restraints!
For a moment the thought didn’t register as I continued my struggles but then the light bulb switched on in my head.
 Wait what happened to our restraints!
I gazed over the Dr.’s shoulder and saw that the belts had been snapped off on the right side and flung over the left.
I am woman hear me roar?
Before I could dwell on that I noticed just how close we were. His hands were surrounding me as he used his lower half to keep me pinned to the wall and nearly immobile
Actually I like your plan better. My inner voice purred as I ignored the Goosebumps that started crawling up my flesh.
“Put me down or I’ll scream and tell them you’re trying to take advantage of me!” 
Dr. Stevenson quirked up an eyebrow looking completely unimpressed.  “Don’t flatter yourself Ms. Stark I’m merely restraining you.” He said it so flatly and emotionlessly that my anger began to flare up again, causing me to struggle against his hard muscular stomach.
He smiled devilishly like he was satisfied with himself which gave me pause.
“That B*****d!” I thought as the pieces fit together. He was just trying to get a rise out of me on purpose and I had fallen for it!  He had known exactly what buttons to push to get me up!
“We’ll at least one of you does.”  My inner voice chimed in sarcastically
“Give it a rest already!” I thought back
I huffed out a frustrated breath and ceased my struggling, glaring up at him as he kept that satisfied smirk.
“Oh I think she’s figured it out!” He said chuckling to himself and tilting his head forward slightly, letting his dark hair fall over his face
I wanted to kick him so hard in the balls that his ancestors would feel it five generations back but, a familiar feeling swept over me.
“Get out” I whispered as I started so struggle once more. 
“What’s that Ms. Stark?” he said refusing to release his grip actually, felt like he was squeezing even tighter. 
“We need to leave now!” I said to him with a stern, pointed tone. 
I couldn’t explain why I was having this feeling but it was right before so why doubt it now.
“I’m not going to release you until you tell me what’s going on.”  He said seriously as if he’d wait all day hell, for all I knew maybe he would the man was stubborn enough.
I gazed at the floor hating the words as they spilled from my mouth
“That’s why I left earlier. I just had to leave and then, half way down the hall I saw a man outside my room with a knife.”
I thought he’d call me crazy or delusional or at least paranoid but instead he just gave me a hard stare and nodded releasing his grip.
This caught me by surprise so my legs buckled and I ended up sliding down the wall to land on my backside roughly. 
“Ouch! What the hell you could have warned me!” I griped angry and a bit embarrassed to have landed flat on my a*s. 
“You’re the one who wanted to be let go.” He stated, shrugging his shoulders and offering a hand to 
help me up.

No we didn't!
I shooed his hand away and got up by myself, trying to keep what little pride I had left in this crappy hospital gown as the breeze nipped at my backside uncomfortably.
Dr. Stevenson stared at me with a bored expression that confused me. 
“What!” I yelled finally, throwing my hands up in exasperation and lifting the gown up dangerously high.
“You’re the one who wanted to leave.” He said calmly “Let’s go; I don’t have all day!” 
I was frozen in shock for a moment. 
Did he really believe me, or was this some kind of trick? 
“Why are you suddenly helping me?” I said questioningly and narrowed my eves at him suspiciously.
He shrugged and I swear it took every fiber of my being to keep me from nut punching him into last week. 
He must have sensed this and took a step backwards then turned to retrieve my clothing from a cabinet over the sink that was, sadly, still nicer then the interior of my house. 
We need to move!
“Yah I know the house sucks don’t rub it in”
No we need to move as in leave now!
I snapped out of my inner monologue to see Stevenson holding my clothes out to me with an eyebrow quirked as if he had been waiting quite some time for me to grab them.
“We’re going to have to address that spacing problem you have in our next session.” He said as I snatched the clothes from his grip.
“Stop being a smartass and turn around so I can get dressed!” I griped frustrated with the day I’ve been having.
It was a small consolation when he raised his hands defeated and turned around as I began slipping on my underwear. 
The clothes that were here weren’t anything fancy, just a pair or dark jeans and a black T-shirt that I had gotten a mustard stain on a few months prior.  My co-worker and closest thing I have to a friend, Sarah, had thrown a b***h fit over my lack of pre-soaking before I wash and  my overall lack of care about my appearance in general. 
I did the basics, my hair was brushed and so were my teeth, I bathed regularly, shaved what needed to be shaved and cleaned under my nails every now and then so what was the big deal? 
“When you finish we need to get you release forms signed” Stevenson stated with a bored tone as he waited for me to finish dressing. 
“Whatever just get me the hell out of here” I stated hurriedly as the need to leave grew stronger and I pulled my shirt down over my head.
“Ask nicely” He said mockingly as he turned to face me once more. 
“I hate you now let’s go!” I replied matter- of-factly and started to push past him. 
“Ms. Stark” he said warningly as he stared down at me with those piercing steel grey eyes.
This a*****e’s really going to make me say it isn’t he! 
The feeling was making me antsy and it took a large amount of self-control to keep myself from shifting from foot to foot anxiously. I took a slow steady breath and held it, pretending it didn’t feel like my heart was a chalkboard with nails dragging against it,
“Please can we get out of here?” 
He blinked looking almost surprised before nodding curtly and began walking towards the door.
“It was that easy!”
That’s the power of please boys and girls!
I shuffled behind him suddenly noticing how tired my body felt. It was like two children were hanging onto my arms on either side and were trying to drag me down.  A yawn escapes my lips as we exit the room and the Dr. grins at me triumphantly as he grabs a wheelchair that was strategically placed outside my door. 
“You planned on taking me out the whole time!” I accused angrily
“Yes but it was rather enjoyable to observe you in this setting and you made a breakthrough! Granted most people learn how to say please when there two, but if we build on this you might be saying thank-you by next week.”
I know I should have smacked him but the weariness was just too much for me so I just fell back into the chair crossing my arms over my chest while I simmered in anger.
Stevenson began pushing me down the uncomfortably white halls of the hospital. 
“Now the only way your release forms are being accepted are if you’re under the care of another individual. That posed an issue when I the hospital checked your record and found no one to contact once you had been Identified.”
This didn’t surprise me one bit. I’d been on my own since my parents died and left me to the foster care system. It never stopped me from making friends or doing well in school actually, I’d made the honor roll but somewhere between graduation and college things changed. 
 I started realizing that I wasn’t happy and even though I was popular and successful I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. I had come home from class one day and realized that I felt empty. I had no purpose no real passion for anything though I felt like I was meant for more; I had no Idea what that more was. 
That’s when I started getting angry. 
I felt like everything around me was hollow lifeless and unreal. I was an adult wading through a shallow kiddie pool of while everyone else got to plunge into the deep end.
Eventually my attitude scared everyone away, not that it was very hard. They were all extremely shallow and we had no real lasting connections now that school had ended. 
My heart wrenched in my chest slightly but it was only momentary 
“So I proposed an alternative option, rather than have the doctors lock you in the psych ward after spending three minutes in the same room with you.”
We’re not crazy!
“Alternative meaning what?”
My muscles relaxed a bit as the feeling of being trapped like an animal began to fade. 
He can lock me in a cage any time!
Stevenson chuckled once more as a wicked grin crossed his face “Why Ms. Stark isn’t it obvious? You’re coming home with me.”

© 2012 TheShAdE

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