Like Me?

Like Me?

A Poem by Sara

Are you like me?

How is your world today?
Do you see it as I do?
What color are your skies today?
Are they grey or are they blue?
How is your heart?
Is it like Mine?
Shattered beyond repair or are you just fine?
How is that smile, you know, that fake mask you always wear.
Or are you not hiding like me, because you no longer care.
Are your eyes swollen, with tears gone unshed?
Or do you do like I do and cry yourself to bed?
What about your wrists?
Do you put them on display?
Or keep them, like mine, hidden away.
How are those thoughts, the ones like "what did I do?" 
or "what could I have done?"
Or like mine, "I wish I was never born, their lives would be much more fun"
Do you look and the mirror and like what you see?
If you do then that's great, itmeans your nothing like me!
Do you whisper sweet lies that everything wil be okay?
Or have a friend do it, day after day?
Do you sulk in silence and quiver with tears?
Or like me blast loud music into your ears.
Do you hide out at school functions or do you follow so called friends?
If you don't then your not like me then
Do you bite your tongue when people are yelling at you?
Or like me do you yell back?
Don't do what I do.
Do you cudle with a bunny, worn out, blue, and named Phobie?
Shh, please don't tell, my peers will see me.
Was your first love an a*s like mine too?
Or was their heat swollen with love for just you?
Do you read to esacpe, yes your own life.
I do! I do!! and it's been quite nice.
Have you texted out a poem on the notepad of your phone?
Or been inspired by being alone?
I have, yes I have now lets see...
Are you, my dear reader, are you like me?

© 2011 Sara

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Added on January 9, 2011
Last Updated on January 9, 2011
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Well for starts, "Hi! I'm Sara!!", and I'm in love!! With writing, anything pertaining to literature really. I also love music, mushrooms, origami, cooking, being loved (that's always something to lik.. more..

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