To Our Love

To Our Love

A Poem by Kim Jimenez

can I still hold on, when I was the one who let you go?



To the girl who once was mine, I hope you're fine;

I'm lying if I say you're not in my heart, but this thought I’ll never impart;

I know we could never restart, even if to you I never want to be apart;

But the fault is on my part, because I’m the one who broke your heart.




To the man who broke my heart, it’s been a year since were apart;

But I don’t know why I feel this way, why does in my heart you still weigh?

It’s been a year since you gone away, the time when I asked you to stay;

How could in an instant my heart sway, with you just saying “hey!”



To the girl who once was mine, with you I must draw a line;

If I could just let our love restore, I promise I’ll love you more;

But whom I’m kidding for? We will never be like before;

And this make my heart sore, it feels like tearing its core.



To the man who broke my heart, can’t we just have a fresh start?

I can forget what we’ve been through, as long as I’m still with you;

I just hope you share the same view, and want to be with me too;

Baby with you I want to start anew, and be happy like we used to.



To the girl who once was mine, what’s in my heart I couldn’t define;

You still hold my heart’s key, that you moving on is hard to see;

I shouldn't have break free, then until now you're still with me;

But I won't try to make you come back to me, because without me happier you'd be.



To the man who broke my heart, I smile as you depart;

Thank you for opening my eyes, and help me get out of my lies;

I let a tear escape as I look up the skies, and then I realize;

Meeting you help answers to arise, that being with you I just fantasize.



To the girl who once was mine, you will never be mine;

Now we are once again apart, because it’s impossible for us to restart;

But don't forget that in my heart, you will always have a part;

Hoping next time we'll have a fresh start, by being friends with the man who broke your heart.



© 2019 Kim Jimenez

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Kim Jimenez
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Added on September 10, 2019
Last Updated on September 10, 2019
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Kim Jimenez
Kim Jimenez

NCR, Philippines

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