what do you do...?

what do you do...?

A Poem by woodennymph

this poem is about immense hopelessness. it is dark and depressing and unlike most depressing poems, it does not resolve. this, i believe would have to be one of the best poems i have written so far. i love it and i just want to share it with everyone.:)


what do you do when someone breaks your broken heart?
do you even bother picking up the pieces?
or do you just leave them apart?
after all, it's just gonna break again, right?

what do you do when all your hopes come crashing down?
do you hope for a miracle?
or do you just stare at the wreckage aimlessly?
after all, you expected it, right?

what do you do when someone lets you down?
or someone pushes you and you fall?
do you even bother getting up?
or do you just lay still, knowing you're gonna fall again anyway?

what do you do when shadows fill your life?
do you even bother finding light?
or do you just shiver in that lonesome cold
knowing that searching is futile and unwise?

what do you do with your life when nothing could get worse?
when there are no more dreams, no more hopes, no more light?
do you still struggle and try to rise above your fate?
or just let it take you and surrender to the mighty wave?

what do you do when nothing seems to matter?
when you don't matter anymore?
do you wallow in self pity and doubt?
do you curse and rant and wreak havoc about?

what do you do when there are no longer happy endings
and all that is left is misery and remorse?
do you still wish to live and die trying?
or do you just want to die?

what do you do when there's nothing left for you
and you are an aimless ghost flitting through eternities of sorrow
forever made to suffer and mourn and grieve
for a life so empty and without reprieve?

what do you do?
how do you cope?
what would you do...
...if you were me...?

© 2008 woodennymph

Author's Note

please be advised that this is a hopeless depressing poem. i left the end hanging precisely to elicit opinions and reactions from readers. it is meant to draw out a choice. the poem is in itself a question. i did the redundant stuff on purpose as a writing style but i chose not to do it for the entire poem to create a bit more climax during the latter part and then it suddenly comes to a direct question. thanks!

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I wait. I concentrate. I trust.

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