dreaming still...

dreaming still...

A Poem by woodennymph

it is about a girl who still loved her ex and who moved to a far place but still couldn't get over him. the loneliness is about the distance and the fact that they can never be together again...the latter part in parenthesis is like an after thought...it


i dreamt of you last night
we were together, having fun
just hanging like old times
like nothing had ever happened

your family was there and i was still welcome
everyone was just so warm
it was christmas i think, but i can't be sure
and i was part of it, i was part of all of it.

and then your mom was psyched to see me
and she is sweet and lovely as before
and your dad said i should stay for good
and your cousins and siblings and everyone agreed

and you were there, just looking
probably thinking about what to do
after all, we still weren't together
at least, not technically at that point

and i got the nerve to ask
if you would take me back
and after a pause you agreed
and indeed then i was back

my eyes were brimming with tears
of joy and glee and relief
and we hugged and made up like before
like nothing happened at all

i basked in all the bliss
and believed that once again i was home
i was insanely happy once again
wrapped in all that amour

and then just as it had happened
after all that wait and more
i awoke to the morn at my hotel room
confused and alone as before

i wanted to scream and to cry and to die
so maybe if i did i could try
to remain in your arms and bask like before
and maybe be happy once again...forevermore...

(i guess i dreamed up my heaven, and even there i still know i want to be with you. i figured maybe if i died while dreaming of my heaven then i could stay there and forever be with you...)

© 2008 woodennymph

Author's Note

the lines in parenthesis are like an afterthought. the poem ends but the sentiments do not...it is up to the reader to put it in or just maybe see it as a sign of an actual person behind the poem

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So bare and vulnerable, so strong to share, so human to dream, to hope that maybe it will materlize that way.

Posted 11 Years Ago

A true beauty. Dreams give us what we want, but waking takes it all away. My waking is currently a nightmare... one that I wish would go away.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on May 20, 2008



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