Philip; Xenophobia's Story

Philip; Xenophobia's Story

A Poem by kingblaq

A year ago,
I was just finishing school
A fresh eyed graduate but experienced with the hustle. 
I had just met my girlfriend Kiki,  a native beauty.
Then, I wasn't a foreigner.
I was the boy from next door you grew up with. 

A month ago, Phillip
Kiki's pregnant
I was becoming a father. 
Happy times and panic. 
Although our income wasn't worth our grind. 
We knew we'd be alright.
We were surrounded by family and friends. 

A week ago, 
We were at mine's. 
We had just finished the lunch I prepared for you and Kiki. 
And we were discussing,
 these rumors of uprisings, 
  these fights, these killings. 
They weren't Xenophobia, not this time. 
They were riots against the gangs, right?
I wasn't a gang-banger, so I'd be alright. 
That's what you said Philip. 
I wasn't a foreigner, I was family. 

A day ago, 
Kiki had to go to her mom's place. 
Mine's was not safe, 
 not anymore. 
I had been wrong see? 
Your government wasn't going to do the right thing
"kill them all, the foreigners!"
Xenophobia in full blast. 
I had been wrong  Philip, 
I wasn't your brother, 
I was a damned foreigner. 

An hour ago, 
My cousin was killed. 
A sixteen year old girl
Shot in the head
But I could not grieve 
I was being hunted. 

A minute ago Philip, 
In the streets I grew up in, 
With a broken skull,  ribs and limbs
I was getting doused with gasoline
By the neighbors I grew up with.
You weren't protesting hate, 
Your protests were hatred. 

A second ago, 
You lit the match, Philip.

© 2019 kingblaq

Author's Note

Wrote this a longish time ago when Xenophobic attacks were prevalent in South Africa.

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The only hope for freedom is individuality and respect for individuals. People make friends but governments make wars. Any time people are pigeonholed into categories by race, religion, national origin, age, gender or skin color to address them as a group, there is prejudice at work. We are all different and unique as individuals. Our fingerprints and our DNA testify to that truth. But also, we are all family and related because every living person on the planet can be traced genetically to a single ancestor whom anthropologists have named "Eve". There is only one race, the human race, and we only have this one small planet to share. We'd all do better to try harder to get along while we're here. Just my thoughts. I enjoyed the read (though it was a sad reflection on humankind) it has at often times been an honest representation. Thank you for sharing.

Posted 1 Year Ago

A terrible world. So much useless killing everywhere. I read about South Africa daily. I wish they could find common ground. Powerful and honest words written my friend. I pray for peace and I burn sage for my world.

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Added on December 14, 2019
Last Updated on December 14, 2019
Tags: Death, friendship, riot, protests, sad, sorrow, murder, genocide, anger



Ibadan, Nigeria, Oyo State, Nigeria

born in '93, Nigerian, and a lover of art more..

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