We Are All To Be Murdered

We Are All To Be Murdered

A Poem by kingfugazi

Humanity's only hope.

-We Are All To Be Murdered-

Mothers! Every child you bare is their prey
They will be hounded & tormented everyday
Your embrace will grow empty while they grow dead
Such a torrential agony will spiritually implode your head
When all you can do is watch poverty rape baby after baby
You grow deaf & blind to their whimpering plea to anyone: "Save me"
Your husbands were molded by this Manifest Destiny & their minds are shattered
So they mimic their abusers & your children & you are battered
Save yourself & your family will know & see
The war is to save all of humanity
Till mothers kill the murdering, raping, robbing, sociopathic power elite
All people born will be manufactured passive & weak
Poison police! Slit your master's throat
Take from the predators all of their hope
Know judges & lawyers bar the way
Police & agents use brutality to keep justice at bay
Generals want your daughters & sons
Every color; every age; every religion; every one
From the mother wanting to read, burned as a witch
To the prostitutes, raped & butchered, mothers & daughters reduced to a b!+¢H
To the mechanics of warfare that announce their plot
More children & women die with every contaminated shot
Poverty is their proof of power
It beats you down & makes you cower
Don't rise or unite, don't beg at the feet of their laws
Mothers & children, make you very life The Cause
They will call you all evil, but they already do
The only movement to stop the anarchy is hidden in you
They'll plead they'll stop; change; help; or join
They may have two faces but they're the same damn coin
So, render to Cesar & all of his drones
Their due for all the mountains of bones
They'll make you deals, like Indians, & offer you a trade
The most blood soaked mistake these noble people ever made
Father & Son! Sit in your place!
Your violent nature can never save the human race
You may have to prove what you think is a man
So then, meditate on Mother & stay your hand
They bore you in pain, they already paid for your lives
They are all Mother: infants; girls; sisters; wives
Be men & boys in silent appreciation
As Mothers free all people from the prison of republics & the nation
Mothers, till this you will raise the dead
You'll watch as the trauma infects countless kids' head
And living life is replaced by ruthless survival
Abandon revolution as spiritual pollution
The actions of mothers are the only solution


© 2014 kingfugazi

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Added on May 30, 2014
Last Updated on May 30, 2014
Tags: Motherhood, war



Reseda, CA

Just doing my best to write what I need to express. more..

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A Poem by kingfugazi