Define Line - The Signs

Define Line - The Signs

A Poem by Tay Greenwall

The difference between self obsession and true depression.

Although the line is fine, there are definitely differences between
Self Obsession
And True Depression.

A self obsess would cut their wrists, and can’t wait until all of their friends notice.
A true depress would cut somewhere hidden, so that their friends won’t worry.

A self obsess would force themselves to cry as much as possible until the tears and eyeliner streak their face, and go out without washing it all off.
A true depress probably wouldn’t even go out. But if they did, they would be sure to wash off the evidence.

A self obsess would do anything in their power to stay sad.
A true depress wouldn’t really care either way.

A self obsess would do anything in their power to portray themselves as horribly depressed in public or among friends by crying or disappearing and making sure they know that they are missing; trying their hardest to get someone to notice them and perhaps take pity.
A true depress would try their best to stay invisible.

A self obsess would dress “emo”, claim themselves as “emo”, and generally whine if they're portrayed any other way.
A true depress would dress as if they didn’t care what they looked like, because they don’t, and wouldn’t care what people portrayed them as.

A self obsess will rant about their problems to their best friend for as long as they have time, and will never consider that maybe, they have something to say as well.
A true depress will only rant when prompted, or will never rant at all.

A self obsess would only claim themselves as depressed, and would never admit that perhaps they really are a self obsess.
A true depress, to being claimed as a self obsess, would say, “Yah, I am. Whatever.”

A self obsess may threaten suicide.
A true depress would commit it.

You could be one or the other, or neither. Or perhaps you’re a little of both.
If you’re a self obsess, you will be outraged by all of this, or simply roll your eyes and claim the second part of every one of these statements. Perhaps you’ll think “This idiot just doesn’t understand. This is stupid, I don’t care.”
A true depress will think about this, and make absolutely sure that they are not a self obsess.

Because true depression hurts you.
Self obsession hurts others.

The truth hurts. Doesn’t it?

© 2010 Tay Greenwall

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wow... that was good

Posted 12 Years Ago

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