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I Am

I Am

A Story by .:Naiira Harlow:.

To those who judge others.


This is only rated mature because of all the language in here. 

I would like to share, that I am tired.  Tired of being judged cruelly by those who have no right.  Tired of watching my friends get judged by prejudice a******s who know nothing of their character.  Listen well my fellow writers for it is an important lesson to learn. 


Diversity isn't going away, and neither am I.  I am nothing but a beat of the worlds heart just like everyone else.  If you see me as anything, I am a humble writer.  A person who cares for the world and whose heart bleeds for the suffering of others.  I am a wanderer of the world.  There is very little of this world I understand and much that I will never understand.


I am someone who cares too much, who is easily frustrated, and who wishes to excel in the few talents I have.  I love my friends even if they care nothing for me.  Compared to this world, I am nothing.  My soul is nothing but a piece of the world as every soul makes up this earth.


I am no better than anyone else.  They have their world, and I have mine.  Here I rest and there they sit.  I do not judge the way they do things so I ask that they do the same.  When I am busy, I drop everything for the ones I care about.  Yet what am I to do if they do not tell me?  I am only human and can only tolerate so much.  If you prick me do I not bleed as you would if I pricked you?  We are brother and sister, sisters of this world. 


I can only do so much.  I am a charitable soul, but I have my limits.  Life is like alchemy, the world of equivelant exchange.  For my support, I hope to have support in return.  When I help a person, I wish for at least a thank you in return.  Give and take, this is the way of the world.  Do not judge me for the things I do not do, but judge yourself on the things you neglect. 


Heal yourself as I try to improve myself each day my brothers and sisters.  Be humble in the ways of people, expect the unexpected, don't judge the ways of others, and don't let prejudice cloud your heart.  Be kind, considerate to those you do not understand.  Do not assume, but ask.  There could be so much more that you don't know of a person instead of judging them.  Confront them and you could learn something.  Try to be a friend to others and don't assume someone else causes the problem because perhaps it is you that made a mistake.





Okay now for the ranting bit.  I don't like this stupid drama bullshit.  We aren't in high school anymore so grow the hell up.  If you have something to say to me, don't stab me in the back, tell me to my damn face.  I'm not perfect, but if you don't give a little then I'm not gonna bother.  Thats what friendship is about.  I don't give a s**t about what you think of me.  The people who really care actually know about me.  I'm not a s**t, a thief, a w***e, or a stuckup b***h.  I don't sleep around, I don't take things from people EVER, and I always help if someone asks for it.  If I keep getting blown off can you blame me moving on around you?  Grow up!  I'm busy and I can't make all of my time for you.  If you want to hang out, ask!  You shouldn't assume something unless you know for sure, assuming is for elementary preppy b*****s and so are rumors.  Get your heads out of your asses and be in college for gods sake.  GROW UP AND GET OUT OF THE HIGH SCHOOL DRAMA OR NO ONE WILL WANT TO TALK TO YOU!


Thank you for listening and all the judging a******s, I hope you read this and realize how stupid it is to judge something or someone you don't understand. 

Also thanks to my bro!  Love ya wolf boy!


© 2010 .:Naiira Harlow:.

Author's Note

.:Naiira Harlow:.
I'm sort of pissed and I'm not trying to preach at anyone. I just wish that people would say stuff to my face. I'm not in high school anymore so no more of this high school drama bullshit. I'm not perfect and I won't ever be so don't assume things that you don't understand okay?

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So many people thrive on drama and b.s. and try to poison your world with it. It takes consistent awareness to keep them out of your life, as some are very sly when they go about trying to infect you with their poison. Life is too short to waste it on people like that.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on April 26, 2010
Last Updated on April 26, 2010


.:Naiira Harlow:.
.:Naiira Harlow:.


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