City Of Dis

City Of Dis

A Story by kite kid

a man that is lost, and the only answer is in a trashy city where a wise man lives. to escape he needs to be one with the city.


“The path to paradise begins in hell.” (Dante) all of my life, lived through the steps and shadows of others. The wind, the smell, the taste, are the texture of pure hell in this city. With car omissions covering the city with its depressing scene in which engulfs the soul of the locals, to dream about having an achievable dream. That’s the norm in my city, a city made from the ground up to questionable structures that might fall and topple over the next. Even the leaning tower of Pisa would look normal in my damned city full of my fellow worshipers of Starbucks. we might go to this "Holy place" of people just waiting to go get in their couches and see the football game that will usually lead to regret of even being a fan. With not only looking at the past I see myself looking at the hopeless future of my generation.

Am a cubicle guy, you know the guy who waits desperately for an advance by working his a*s off for the company for something years. But will my day ever come? Hell no, so after a week of being a cubicle guy, I then saw that I had no chance of getting any real money or even a boost up to the big leagues. By looking at all my options I saw three ways to view my present pathetic career.

1. Turn into a slacker and fly under the radar at work.

2. Get company secrets and get a better job with it.

3. Steal as many office supplies that i could stuff in my suitcase before they kick my a*s out the door.

All of these were great ideas but unfortunately I neither had a good life or a car. so I kept to plan 2 where I would steal company secrets and then be fired maybe from, harassment,  yelling at the boss, and or bring a shotgun in the building and starting firing shots ,after the fact I steal the secrets.

With that I began my quest to find secrets, like in the movies. I would become 007, spy for hire, killer of feelings, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, or god. That’s what I thought. but reality has that crushing force, squeezes ,and steals all the breath you have until your bleed dry of fantasy of being greater then you are (or in other words, a reality check).

I first started planning and then stalling and then giving in to basically giving up. But my angel guided me to the light by sending a Chinese food restaurant pamphlet from out of nowhere. This Chinese restaurant would be my salvation out of this place.  And when I got there, it was closed down, but like the Native American’s who used every part of the buffalo to honor it death, the homeless men and women honored the failed Chinese restaurant the same.

I went through the “do not enter" sign, past the valley of yellow tape, and river of yellow. Even after that, it wouldn't keep me away from the glory and hope to get out of this wretched city. Then I got to kitchen where the homeless population was mainly present. That’s when I met the wise man where he told me of his travels outside the city of dis. I began to be tantalized by this man ora, with his long white beard, his greenish teeth, and his gray eyes. He would teach me the ways of the homeless mind where inner peace and nirvana can be found.

I sold all my worldly belongings for my homeless community so they could enjoy all the bliss of fried donuts. My thoughts of money and power all went away after I met him. Him and me fasted together and meditated on hot trash cans. Without him I could have never found bliss, but so then as the student has to depart to find his own path the master hands me his warmest coat and pushes me out of the nest to go forth to my pilgrimage.

So did my day come? Yes it did, I see the world as something of a land fill of garbage but useful garbage.  Wise words from a wise homeless man.


© 2015 kite kid

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kite kid
any thing would be great.

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Added on February 2, 2015
Last Updated on February 18, 2015
Tags: sarcastic, peachy, and phony


kite kid
kite kid

seattle, WA

so basically, 1. Im selfish 2. really content with my surroundings. 3. love catcher in the rye maybe because i view myself as not really optimistic person. 4. i like to lie 5. i like writing an.. more..