To Matthew Mcconaughey

To Matthew Mcconaughey

A Poem by kite kid

two fictional letters to Mathew Mcconaughey about the love inside me that is wanting to come out and fill him up. It's that kinda poem.


My beloved is sweet as ice tea in Mississippi.

                With teeth made of the finest blood diamonds to chew through all that hate.

                He may hope for love but hope is not faith and thus I exist to spark his torch. I’m here on this planet to light and melt all hesitation of ever finding love ………. Because I’m there.

Walking on the lost actors of yesteryears who haven’t had the touch, the blessing, or the curse that Mathew………Mc….Mc….Mcconaughey has. He stands alone in his art form.

Sweet and slow like southern molasses, hair as such as gods, a body that is beyond understanding, and all hope is lost to those seeking to reach that level in which Mathew………Mcconaughey stands on the apex of !!!!!!

Thus, a humble servant, such as myself, standing and waiting for the answer to cross your lips……. To testify that the straining order you have on me is meaningless because of one simple quote. “Life is a box of chocolate” wise words from Forest Gump but only intellectuals such as us can gasp the real meaning in which is that love is selfish and I believe so. Because love is selfish in its nature, I can openly say that your opinions don’t matter Mathew because only love… my love that is the leviathan, the black hole, and the law that is above all else in this world, thus all you can do is accept all I have to give.

                As my dearest saline says during her nightly performances at ceases palace, “Near, far, wherever you are, that’s how I know that the heart does go on.” Never worry Mathew because I’ll always be a breath away.


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(Poem 2.0)

                Your wife is the divider, the berlin wall, Great Wall of China, and the wall between our sparks flickering in the dark unknown swamp of norms that plague the streets but will always love you and pay tribute to you and only you through watching your movies, motion pictures, films, and 60 minute talking pictures.

If I may ever witness your wife in the flesh I may quote My Chemical Romance, “Honey this mirror isn’t big enough for the two of us” thus insulting her twice within the same quote.

However, your wife may try to separate us but when you sing our song, that’s when our hearts sink together in the feelings that evokes from our souls. “Shout, shout, let it all out, these are all the things I could live without, come on, I’m talking to you, come on”

All else I need to say to you can all be blended like a smoothie into one Twilight quote that speaks volumes. When Edward looked into Bella’s eyes with hint of love and pity, said softly so not to break her fragile figure. “Don’t be self-conscious, if I could dream at all, it would be about you. And I’m not shamed of it.”

With love, anonymous stocker 1o48q

© 2017 kite kid

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kite kid
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Added on July 3, 2017
Last Updated on July 5, 2017
Tags: empathy, insecuity, sloth, power, malice, hate, approval, hope, sadness, poem, bro love


kite kid
kite kid

seattle, WA

so basically, 1. Im selfish 2. really content with my surroundings. 3. love catcher in the rye maybe because i view myself as not really optimistic person. 4. i like to lie 5. i like writing an.. more..

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A Story by kite kid