Day Dream

Day Dream

A Poem by Kitt

I know a lot of things

Probably a lot more than most people

They say I’m average

But that’s nowhere close on how to explain me

I’m far from average

Some say I belong in a hospital for good

They don’t trust me to be in society

Which is fine

I know I don’t belong to this Earth anyway

I’m a bit too caught up

Thoughts of a life elsewhere

Most people call that day dreaming

But it’s far from that

It’s my own home

My secure place

Somewhere where there is no wrong

There is no right

There’s only what you’ve done

And where you’ve been

This is a place without rules

People are much happier

Nothing to hold them back

Nothing to keep anyone from reaching their dreams

This place is not overcrowded

There’s not any idiots putting around

There’s no criminals

Only the intelligent ones can enter

There’s no messes

People have been known how to take care of themselves

And know where to stick their trash

The roads of this place contain no cars

Everywhere you’d want to go is in walking distance

The stores do not use money for trade

We do it like it should be

Trade food for clothes

Trade clothes for food

The basic needs are there

There’s a home with your name on it

Your neighbors are friendly

The pets can walk free

In this place

There is no stress

There is no worries

The air is clear of smoke and exhaust

The air’s fresh

There is no judgment in this place

People know how to act

Others who can’t see this place tell me

There’s never going to be a place like that

But this place is my reality

I don’t belong on Earth

I belong elsewhere

Society doesn’t accept my ways

This screwed up society is only in my dreams

I live where the willows grow

Where the wind shakes the trees in such a musical way

Where grass is green and the skies are blue

I live where time passes slowly

So you can savor every minute of it

I choose to live here because I can

Anyone who is brave enough to forget society

Moves in with me

I am a free citizen

No one can tell me I’m wrong

I live within my mind

No one can tell me I’m wrong

© 2013 Kitt

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That´s very nice put down. For me personal this place looks a bit different but it´s basicly the same. I think you not just put down a place some people would call Utopia because they lost faith. What you wrote about is pure freedom and peace. Congratulation!

Posted 6 Years Ago


6 Years Ago

Sounds almost perfect! Great piece full of determination and hope - I like it; thanks for sharing :)

Posted 6 Years Ago


6 Years Ago

You're welcome. Thanks for reviewing.
thats amazing! very descriptive i wish i coluld live their. thank you for sharing you reality.

Posted 6 Years Ago


6 Years Ago

No problem. Thanks for reviewing.
i cant believe im the fist to review this, there should me at least 20. this really send me to the land you were describing. it felt like i wasn't reading. like i was seeing it with my own eyes. beautiful.

Posted 6 Years Ago


6 Years Ago

Thanks. That's the reaction I was wanting from the audience. I want everyone to see the world with m.. read more

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