A Poem by Kitt

Circling, circling

Like a predator with its prey

I stand there shaking on the inside

Don’t move

Don’t speak

Don’t even breathe

He’s watching

He’s debating what to do with me

I can see the evil smirk in his eyes

I wish I could shrink down

I bow my head in submission

I know better than to fight

I let him do what he wants to me

I take the beating in silence

He is stronger than I

He is clever

He holds me in my place with fear

I don’t dare challenge him back

He is the haunting thoughts that keep me awake

He is the reason I stay silenced

I’ll never speak again

My life is already gone

Buried tightly in my grave

This empty core belongs to him

There is no escape

I am a robot

Circling, circling

Like a predator and its prey

My life is already gone

There’s nothing to be done

© 2013 Kitt

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This is very powerful and dark. I could easily see this being said by a spouse about their abusive partner or a child with an abusive parent. There is no hope offered and it is all the more meaningful for it.

My only complaint is the choice of the word robot. For some reason that drew me out of the reading and my mind stumbled with that word, almost like it didn't belong. I know this is your writing and it is well done but for me I think I would have gone with "I am a husk" or "I am a shell" or "I am undone" or "I am nothing". Obviously that is only my opinion and your writing is wonderful as it is.

Posted 1 Year Ago

This is like a chant, a haunting and repeating cri de coeur from one who suffers in fearful silence... Powerful and troubling...

Posted 6 Years Ago


6 Years Ago

Thank you for reading and reviewing.
Amazing. :) I can feel the intensity.

Posted 6 Years Ago


6 Years Ago


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