Remember the Night

Remember the Night

A Poem by Kitt

Remember that night

Where the stars were perfectly alined

Where we layed on our blanket

Pointing out consellsions we didn't know

Where we held each other hand in hand

Where the silence held true meaning

Where the moon was so bright


Things used to be so simple

It's funny how

When you're a kid

You want to be an adult

When you're an adult

You want to be a kid


As you grow older

Things just fall out of place

You learn the truth

Of the world

Memories of your childhood is special


I still remember the night

Where the stars we perfectly alined

Where we layed out on a blanket

This was the night

We shared our first kiss

Everything else seemed like a dream

I could only see you

And your beauty


We parted our seperate ways by now

We grew up quite a bit

Our jobs were hard

Our life became boring


But I still remember that night

We whispered those three words

It had meant so much then

Then three months later

We had a different three words for each other


I look back regretful

I had wanted to make things work

But I was scared

I should've told you those words on my mind


Three years from now

I see you again

But this time you're married

I pretend to smile

I'm happy that you're happy

But I still remember that night.

© 2013 Kitt

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I really liked this, it is very easy to relate to and the emotions of love and sorrow are very clearly expressed. This was how I felt about my first "love".
The part about three words is very good. It is easy to imagine the three flowery words that would have been shared between two young lovers only to turn into three angry words not but a short few months later.

Two quick spelling suggestions. Alined should be aligned and consellations should be constellations. Also, the word layed is no longer used unless you are writing with the intent to make it feel like old English. The word you should probably use is laid.

Posted 1 Year Ago

To have loved and lost, one of life's lessons. This was a nice read as I'm sure many most people can relate, and it is moving as well, I particularly like the fact that you state when you are young you want to be an adult and when you are grown you want to be young. Very nicely written.

Posted 6 Years Ago

fantastic! I feel for this one do to a similar experience. good read.

Posted 6 Years Ago


6 Years Ago

Thanks so much.
I liked the way you opened up with this story of lost love... he repeated phrases gave it a haunting lilt and there was an unaffected simplicity about the memories.. and the acceptance of the reality of the present...

You need a spell checker by the way!

Posted 6 Years Ago

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